Freed Yazidis reunited with their families in Shengal

Six Yazidi civilians, who were rescued by SDF from ISIS in northern Syria, have been reunited with their families in Shengal.

Five women and a 13-year-old child, who were rescued by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from ISIS during the war against the terrorist organization in northern Syria, have arried home.

The six Yazidi civilians were handed over to Shengal Assembly and Yazidi Women’s Foundation by Heseke Yazidi House yesterday. They reached their home, Shengal, together with a delegation in the afternoon.

Speaking during a ceremony held here, Êzidxan Women’s Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) member Helîma Hisên thanked the SDF and Heseke Yazidi House.

Following speeches, the Yazidis were reunited with their families. Their names are;

Sirab Naîf Îsa from Tilezêr

Qismet Saleh Ahmad from Tilqesab

Leyla Xelef Filîd from Girzerik

Hazim Qasim Evdu from Kocho

Hediya Elî Hecî from Dumîs

Ezîma Şemo Xelef from Khanasor