Guerillas express their determination: We will win

The Turkish military tries with all its might to occupy the region of Heftanin, which is defended by the guerrillas. The guerrillas are mounting fierce resistance and are determined to repulse the attack.

In Southern Kurdistan’s Heftanin region a fierce war is raging between the Turkish army and the Kurdish freedom movement. ANF talked with guerrillas about their impressions on the spot.

People's Defense Forces (HPG) guerrilla Rustem Dilgeş, tells how the guerrillas repeatedly surprise the Turkish army with actions and deal heavy blows to it by their knowledge of the terrain. The Turkish military fails to even come close to controlling the area. Therefore, more and more attacks on the civilian population, especially in the area of Sheladize, are taking place. Dilgeş continues: "We know that the attacks are not only directed against the guerrillas. The Turkish army is targeting the civilian population. Therefore, the young people in Soran and Behdinan must rise up and take action. They must make their position clear. Wherever we are, we will continue to deal heavy blows to the Turkish military.

The attacks are directed against the whole Kurdish people

Rojda Cizir is active in the women's guerrilla force YJA-Star. She tells that villagers in the regions of Kuro Jahro, Chemcho and Metina have been killed by the Turkish army, but that the attacks are not only directed against Heftanin or the guerrillas, but against all of Kurdistan.

"As guerrillas, we will not leave this country to the enemy. The Turkish military can only attack from the air with massive technology. They are afraid to fight against us on the ground. That's why they use this method. But we fight in the spirit of Kasim, Zîlan and Egîd and we will succeed. We will continue to deal heavy blows to the Turkish army and make their attack fail," Rojda Cizîr said.