Governor of Hewlêr visits Mardin Metropolitan Municipality

Hewlêr Governor Omed Xoşnav, during his visit to Mardin Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they are ready to do their part for peace, while Ahmet Türk said, "Bashur administration should defend the rights of all Kurds."

The Governor of Hewlêr (Erbil), Omed Xoşnav, the Mayor of Hewlêr, Karzan Hadî, Kurdistan Parliament MP Şivan Zirarî and an accompanying delegation visited Mardin Metropolitan Municipality. Co-mayors Ahmet Türk and Devrim Demir and DEM Party MP Saliha Aydeniz welcomed Xoşnav and the accompanying delegation.

Xoşnav: We are always ready to do our part for peace

Xoşnav expressed his happiness to be in Mardin and said, "We have been in Amed (Diyarbakır) for 3 days to visit the Mesopotamia Agriculture, Livestock, Poultry and Dairy Industry Fair. Today we came to Mardin. We thank you for hosting us. As the Kurdistan Regional Government, we support peace in the region. We are always ready to do our part for peace. We invite you honourable co-mayors to Hewlêr one day. Our doors are always open for you."

Ahmet Türk: The government of Bashûr must defend the rights of all Kurds

Ahmet Türk said, "There has never been any obstacle or problem between the peoples. As the peoples of Mardin, we always protect our culture, language and land. I wish other cities in Turkey were as multicultural as Mardin. Then democracy and peace would be achieved in Turkey. First of all, we want there to be a dialogue between Kurds. For the future of the Kurdish people, we must establish relations in all regions of Kurdistan. Bashûrê (Southern) Kurdistan belongs not only to the people living there, but to all Kurds. That is why all Kurds have their eyes on Bashûrê Kurdistan. That is why the government of Bashûr must defend the rights of all Kurds. Then the Kurds will have achieved their goals. I believe that the intra-Kurdish relations, both in politics and between the peoples, will become stronger." 

Devrim Demir: We should do our best to ensure the unity of the Kurds

Devrim Demir also highlighted the importance of the unity of the Kurdish people and said, "On the one hand, we will serve our people and on the other hand, we should do our best to ensure the unity of the Kurds."

After Mardin, Xoşnav and his delegation travelled to Şırnak and visited Peoples' Equality and Democracy (DEM Party) Cizre district municipality co-mayors, Güler Tunç Yerbasan and Abdurrahim Durmuş. The delegation was welcomed by the co-mayors and then held a meeting. Xoşnav and the accompanying delegation congratulated the co-mayors and wished them success.  

Afterwards, Xoşnav and the accompanying delegation visited Cizre Chamber of Industry and Tradesmen and Arts.