Guerrilla Evren: A united struggle will defeat isolation

HPG guerrilla Kawa Evren said that they will fulfil their duty to end the isolation imposed on Kurdish people's leader Öcalan.

The aggravated isolation imposed by the Turkish state on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan continues.

HPG guerrilla Kawa Evren evaluated the isolation and the attacks targeting Kurdistan. Referring to the fact that Kurdish people's leader Öcalan has been in isolation for 21 years, Kawa Evren said: "The isolation imposed on our Leader is also applied on the Kurdish people. The enemy knows very well that our leadership poses a danger to them, so it increases the isolation day after day. In order for us to respond to this isolation effectively, we must play our role in both the military and political field. Only in this way would be able to liberate our leader.”

Talking about the guerrilla's resistance against the Turkish state's attacks on Kurdistan, HPG guerrilla Evren continued: "The more we hit the enemy, the more they will depend on our leader. This resistance stretches the enemy very hard. The Turkish state is attacking from all sides for this reason."

Guerrilla Evren emphasized that the isolation imposed on Kurdish people's leader Öcalan is a part of the special war waged in Kurdistan and added: "The enemy is applying isolation to prevent the people from gaining power from the leader. The system sees Öcalan as a danger for itself and aggravates the isolation. All hegemonic powers also support the Turkish state.

The Turkish state is currently experiencing great chaos and is attacking Öcalan and Kurdistan to get out of this chaos. It actually sees its salvation in these attacks. In this way, it wants to fool the people of Turkey. If the struggle of the people and the guerrilla unites, not even the shadow of the enemy will remain in Kurdistan."