Guerrilla Mazlum Doğan: Resistance in Heftanin continues

Guerilla Mazlum Doğan said that they were fighting against an enemy displaying a great technology and under difficult conditions, but assured that the resistance in Heftanin will continue.

Guerilla Mazlum Doğan said that they were fighting against an enemy equipped and displaying a great technology under difficult conditions, and added that the resistance will continue in Heftanin.

Mazlum Doğan, who fought in Cenga Heftanin, stated that they would not allow this invasion operation to progress.

Speaking to ANF, guerrilla Mazlum pointed to the technique used in Cenga Heftanin and reminded that despite the difficult conditions their resistance is about to complete a year. Noting that they fought with a new style and tactics against this attack, which also coincided with the restructuring phase of the HPG, Mazlum Doğan emphasized that they resisted both difficult conditions and the heavy technology.

Stating that they will defend Heftanin to the end, guerrilla Mazlum Doğan said that their will and beliefs are strong, and their tactics and styles are rich. "The enemy may have taken some hills, but we will always be around, behind and in front of those hills." He added that they will not stay away from the enemy. “We will be in the immediate vicinity of the enemy. We have fought like this until now. This resistance can take a long time. We are on guard to hit the enemy. We will not let this occupation operation move forward. The enemy will not be able to achieve its goal. "

Drawing attention to the fact that YJA Star guerrillas played a major role in Cenga Heftanin, HPG guerrilla Mazlum Doğan added: "The determination of Ocalan and determination that emerged among women friends always gave us morale and strength in this war."