Guerrilla Ronya speaks about the martyrs of Heftanîn

YJA Star guerrilla Hêvî Ronya talked about the guerrillas who had fallen martyrs in the resistance against the Turkish invasion attacks in Heftanîn. 

YJA Star guerrilla Hêvî Ronya talked about her comrades Zeynep, Hozan, Argeş, Mazlum, Zana and Mizgîn who fell martyrs as a result of clashes in Heftanîn. Ronya stated that each one of them is a story.

Guerrilla Ronya said: "When the Kartal operation was launcged, martyr Zeynep, martyr Hozan, martyr Gever, martyr Evin, martyr Şoreş were together.

Comrade Zeynep wanted to help her wounded friends. The friends told her to go, but she didn’t go. While Comrade Hozan tried to remove the wounded, Comrade Zeynep continued to fight. Later, Hozan and Zeynep got together. They are not leaving each other. They are both fighting the enemy and protecting each other until the end.

The enemy suffered many losses in the actions carried out by Comrade Zeynep and Comrade Hozan. Friends organized action from all sides. It can be said that the enemy regretted to have come and had to retreat. This was a great victory for us.”

Guerrilla Ronya continued: “Guerrilla Evin did not want to leave the wounded. Reconnaissance planes were flying. She did not leave the wounded in the hands of the enemy. She was martyred in this way.

The moral value of what happened there is very different. The message our friends give becomes history. A book can be written for each of our friends. Each one of them is actually a story.

Friends Argeş and Mazlum fell martyr in the Dûpişk region. I stayed with my Mazlum for a short time. When I asked him why he had come, he replied 'I came for the resistance'. He had indeed come for 'the resistance'. He was a very humble and spontaneous friend. He was constantly arguing, whenever he saw something wrong, he would say what he thought and intervene. He was in his life as he was in war. He treated everyone equally. When the enemy came, he did not accept it and responded to the end. He fell martyr.”

Guerrilla Ronya added: “I also stayed with Argeş, we did something together. When you first see Arges, you feel as if you have been knowing her for years. She was very sincere, warm and natural. She was a friend who constantly worked. She was bored when she had nothing to do. She would give a lot of morale to her comrades.

Friend Hozan was a person like a mountain, so to speak. When speaking and discussing, Hozan was so young spirited, natural. A very special person. Maybe some things are not told in words, but I can say those who knew Hozan wanted to stay with him. He was a friend who helped in all areas.”

There has been a great war in the Pirbula region recently. Friends Zana and Mizgîn were martyred by fighting generously.

We met for a short time with my friend Zana. He was a very upbeat friend. Zana made sense of every task and succeeded.

Mizgîn friend was a very different friend. She was a full friend. A lot was learned from her. Her whole life was meaningful. She attached great importance to comradeship. She always wanted to go further in operations. She had a strong concentration on warfare. She clashed and was martyred. It can be said that she played a high role in the war. From the beginning of the move, friend Mizgîn has had a lot of action, the enemy has suffered a lot thanks to her."

Drawing attention to the ongoing resistance against the Turkish occupation in Heftanîn, Guerrilla Ronya said: "The war in Heftanîn is not only for Heftanîn, it crosses borders. The war has spread widely. We, as YJA Star forces will be the answer everywhere. In Batman, women are slaughtered, they are harassed in Mardin. In India, too. In Iran. We are fighting in Heftanîn for all these women, for all the peoples of the Middle East."