Guerrilla Vejin Agirî, a torch that will never go out

Vejin Agirî has devoted herself to the freedom of Kurdistan, like thousands of young men and women who became immortal in the mountains of freedom.

Besna Tuman (Vejîn Agirî) wants to run, play and laugh like every teenager. But she wants this not only for herself, but for all Kurdish children and young people. She was born in 1993 as one of those new-born children who lost their childhood, started to forget freedom, and did not know how to defend their Kurdishness.

Thanks to her family, who was part of the patriotic environment in Van, she grew up with a little understanding of Kurdishness, and her feelings are in fact full of Kurdishness.

Besna Tuman, who has faced the cruel pressures of life, decides to become a freedom fighter as a response to this painful life and so that this painful life won’t continue to affect others.

Besna was one of those who listened to the call of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan. He had said: "If you love me, move to Botan." Berna joined the guerrillas  in Botan in 2014 and that was a new turning point in her life, one that would determine her own life.

Besna, a young Kurdish woman who joined the guerrillas and its self-defeating struggle, became influenced by party life, revolutionary comradeship, and especially female guerrillas, and began to deepen her knowledge of the ​​Leadership [Öcalan]. She evaluated the results of her work saying that "Öcalan has presented to us everything we need with his leadership philosophy. He has done this so well that he has left nothing to add to it". Besna becomes Vejin with the Leadership, and added Agirî to her name, the fire of freedom. She thus became Vejin Agirî, fought, ran in the mountains, played with the guerrillas in free lands, and smiled at her new life.

Vejîn went to prepare herself for a new life with academic training. She prepared herself for bigger and more challenging situations with the strength and inspiration she gets from the Academy.

In 2020, together with Sarya Besta and Avareş Helhel, she fought until the last drop of their blood. Vejin Agirî is the fire of the resurrection and one of the self-sacrifing guerrillas who became immortal in the mountains of freedom like a torch that will never go out.