Guerrillas make success inevitable with creative tactics

The guerrilla forces, who give hope not only to the Kurdish people but also to all the peoples oppressed by the invaders through their struggle, make success inevitable with creative tactics.

In the age of science and technology, all states enter the battlefield with their own techniques. However, the only force that improves its techniques under nuclear and chemical attacks is the guerrilla. Therefore, the second-largest NATO army is helpless against the tactical creativity of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas. This creativity has also become a matter of curiosity for the whole world. For the last four years, the invasion attacks of the Turkish state against the Medya Defence Zones have been continuing uninterruptedly. There is no technique they have not used. The enemy finally pinned all their hopes on chemical and nuclear weapons. Attacks big enough to destroy a state have been frustrated in the mountains of Kurdistan for the last 4 years. Of course, the answer to this war is not only resistance. The guerrilla forces have given the main and necessary answer to the enemy through their actions. But the most interesting thing is the tactical initiatives of the guerrillas.

The occupying Turkish state carries out hundreds of attacks every day. If the balance sheet of only one day of these attacks is explained, the failure of the state will be revealed. For example, on 3 June, they attacked 10 times with warplanes, 281 times with heavy and medium weapons, 8 times with poison gas, 6 times with explosives and once with an explosive-laden drone. Despite all these attacks, the guerrilla forces did not suffer any losses and killed 4 of the invaders and wounded 3 of them by carrying out actions with medium weapons. The success of the guerrillas was also recorded by camera. They also carried out many actions with heavy weapons. These actions clearly reveal the situation that the occupiers find themselves in.

The source of the actions is the İmralı resistance

It is clearly seen that the enemy uses all kinds of techniques every day to liquidate the guerrillas. The creativity of the guerrillas and their development of new techniques under difficult conditions is a rare example in history. The UAVs and UCAVs trusted by the fascist state are shot down by the guerrillas one by one. Despite the enemy using dozens of technical devices to protect their positions, the guerrilla negated all these with the 1 June action. The images broadcast on Gerîla TV are proof of this. The guerrillas, who carried out actions by entering the positions and containers of the occupiers, destroyed the fortresses of the occupiers with this action and tactics. Even the high walls of the fortresses could not protect them. These actions have raised the tension of the state rulers and their collaborators.

The guerrillas have brought human ability into the forefront with their modern tactics. They have developed the tactic of frustrating every technique. This confirms Leader Apo's [Abdullah Öcalan] words ‘The greatest technique is man himself’. Guerrilla forces now respond to the enemy's attacks not only in winter, but also in summer, autumn and spring.

Undoubtedly, the source of these actions is the İmralı resistance. Leader Apo has been putting up great resistance in Imrali prison for 25 years without interruption. The guerrillas also draw their strength from this resistance. Therefore, the will and resistance manifested in the mountains of Kurdistan for four years has exceeded the limits of reason. It is a rare situation in history to carry out actions under chemical and tactical nuclear weapons every day and to exhibit such resistance. Devotion to Leader Apo and walking in the line of martyrs created this spirit. Leader Apo's struggle in İmralı revealed an unprecedented power and created an army that made the victory of the Kurdish people inevitable. In short, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, with its struggle today, gives hope not only to the Kurdish people but also to all the peoples oppressed by the invaders.