Guerrillas seize large number of military equipment left by fleeing Turkish soldiers

Guerrillas seized a large amount of military equipment belonging to the invading Turkish army in the Werxelê area of Avaşîn. The footage indicates that the soldiers left their belongings and fled in panic.

The Turkish state launched a new invasion operation against the guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Areas on 23 April. Hoping to expand its occupation in South Kurdistan, the Turkish state specifically targeted Avaşîn, Zap and Metîna.

Since the beginning of the invasion operation, the Turkish army has received heavy blows. The Turkish state forces, who could not advance against the guerrillas, had to withdraw from some areas of Avaşîn.

According to guerrilla sources, the Turkish army was planning to besiege Avaşîn and attack the guerrillas. However, as a result of the blows dealt by the guerrillas, the soldiers withdrew from Konferans Valley and Mar Valley.

The Turkish army then tried to head to the guerrillas’ war tunnels in Werxelê on 7 June. The invaders met greater resistance here and were stopped.

The soldiers had to flee following successful guerrilla actions, leaving all their equipment. The images from the war tunnels around Werxelê well expose this situation. A large number of military supplies, living materials and even tags fell into the hands of the guerrillas. The tags reveal which soldier the materials belong to.

Among the seized materials are those belonging to the Tatvan-based “Tiger” brigade. It was determined that the soldier who was executed by the Turkish army when he wanted to escape and surrender to the guerrillas on 9 September was also from the "Tiger" brigade.