Guerrillas: We continue to walk on the path of Comrade Zîlan

YJA Star guerrilla Jinda Amara said: “Comrade Zîlan fulfilled her historical responsibility by taking the necessary step at the necessary time. Today, we have thousands of friends walking on the path of Zîlan."

ARGK guerrilla Zîlan (Zeynep Kınacı) carried out a self-sacrifice action in Dersim on 30 June 1996. This self-sacrificing action played an important role in the history of the struggle of the Kurdish people and the PKK.

HPG guerrilla Ciwan Çiyareş and YJA Star guerrilla Jinda Amara spoke to ANF about Zîlan's action.

HPG guerrilla Ciwan Çiyareş said: “The self-sacrificing action of martyr Zîlan is very important for all guerrillas. That period started a new process in terms of tactics. It was also an action against the enemy's assassination attempt on our Leader. Comrade Zîlan's self-sacrificing action continues to be effective today, and as freedom guerrillas, we take this action as our basis of struggle."

Our success is based on her style of action

Noting that the Turkish state attacked with NATO support and technology, chemical gases and tactical nuclear weapons, HPG guerrilla Ciwan Çiyareş said: "The guerrilla was never left without a solution against these attacks and developed new defensive measures. It was seen that great successes would be achieved with the tunnel warfare method. The guerrilla style that brought success is based on the self-sacrificing personality of martyr Zîlan. The people of Kurdistan and their guerrillas have the power to defeat all attacks by the enemy. Kurdish society is now aware of its power and knows that it can fight against the occupation. Everyone felt great hope and confidence. This is due to the line of resistance created by Zîlan and thousands of martyrs."

We will follow the path of Zîlan

Evaluating Zîlan's self-sacrificing action as a historical breakthrough, YJA Star guerrilla Jinda Amara said: "Heval Zîlan's action was an action that left its mark on history both in the military and tactical fields. He voluntarily carried out a self-sacrificing action against the assassination attempt against the Leader. She had only been a guerrilla for one year, but she understood the Leader very well. The Leader explained his historical stance by saying, 'Zîlan is my commander.' The meaning of these words is that comrade Zîlan took the necessary steps at the necessary time and fulfilled her historical responsibility. Today, we have thousands of friends walking and protesting on the Zîlan line. Heval Sara and Ruken, Heval Rojhat and Erdal are the sacrifices of this path, this line. These comrades are the followers of Heval Zîlan. We take these pioneer friends as an example and follow their example. As YJA Star guerrillas, we will walk the sacrifice line until the end, like Zîlan."