Guerrillas: We will defeat the enemy and achieve victory

HPG guerrillas said that the invading Turkish state which failed in 2021 wants to obtain a result in 2022, yet “the guerrillas keep their troops away with a will of steel.”

Speaking to ANF about Tutkey’s ongoing invasion operation in guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), HPG guerrillas Rûbar Xemgîn and Elîşer Amed pointed out that the Turkish state wants to achieve a result in 2022 after its operation in 2021 ended in failure.

HPG guerrilla Rûbar Xemgîn remarked that Turkish military aggression which started on April 17, 2022, is in fact a continuation of Turkey’s plans that started in 2021. “The Turkish invasion operation which started on April 23 last year and continued for a full year was not successful. To complete their invasion plans, they again launched large-scale attacks on April 17 this year,” he said.


“During the tunnel battles, chemical weapons are constantly employed, as well as detonations. This is how they hope to get results. Secondly, although they want to gain dominion over the guerrilla forces on the ground, mobile guerrilla units do not allow it. Therefore, the war they are waging is based on technological opportunities. Without them, they can't do anything. Everyone realizes that their operations are not successful,” Xemgîn said.


The HPG guerrilla continued, “We see that the Turkish state has difficulties even in airdropping a few soldiers on the hills. In this war, the guerrillas focused on not allowing the deployment of Turkish troops, and they succeeded. The Turkish state encountered a strong defence system developed by the guerrillas. Their attempts have remained unsuccessful, and their helicopters had to withdraw after being hit.”


Guerrilla Xemgîn pointed out that, “We have taken very important lessons from last year's resistance. We have particularly focused on style and tactics. The guerrillas are forcing the Turkish state to ground war.

As the guerrillas who are taking part in the Cenga Xabûr Resistance, we will prove to the Turkish state the guerrilla warfare of this year and the century in the spirit of resistance put up by our comrades in Zendura.

The Turkish state has not been successful for the last two years. Even if it escalates attacks, it will not be successful.

The KDP plays an active collaborative role in this war. If there has been no war between the guerrillas and the KDP forces since last year, it is thanks to the national sentiment of the guerrillas. It is the Kurdish people themselves who will put pressure on the KDP and put it back.”


HPG guerrilla Elîşer Amed said that invading Turkish troops are mentally depressed and are no longer able to fight the guerrillas.

“The Turkish army relies heavily on technologically advanced warfare and wants to carry out its invasion plan. However, it has failed in every way except for technical means. Its soldiers are helpless, suffering blows at the hands of the guerrillas each day. The guerrillas are leading this war with its modern guerrilla warfare style and getting results,” Amed said.

The guerrilla fighter continued, “The Turkish state wants to destroy the Kurdish people in the person of the PKK. However, the Kurdistan guerrillas, who take strength from their leader and martyrs, have frustrated the advanced warfare of the Turkish army. Media outlets are reporting the guerrilla achievements on a daily basis. So far, most of their helicopters have been shot down, and even those soldiers in resistance areas cannot use them in a safe way. This is basically the biggest defeat for an army.

The Turkish army is furiously attacking these areas. They are employing the most advanced technology, but our comrades are fighting with a superhuman will, responding to the enemy forces in a self-sacrificing spirit.

This year's war is broader in scope than last year’s. They have come to attack our regions with imaginary plans, but it will result in the overthrow of their fascist regime. In this war of survival, the preparations of the guerrillas are top level. Without a doubt, we will defeat the enemy and achieve victory.”