Guerrillas will lead the 'Time to ensure freeedom' initiative

The People's Defense Central Headquarters Command emphasized that all guerrilla and self-defense forces will fulfil their pioneering role by fully joining the initiative launched by the KCK Executive Council.

The People's Defense Central Headquarters Command wished success, stating that all units will participate strongly in the initiative to defeat fascism.

People's Defense Center Headquarters Command said it has sent a message to all guerrilla and self-defense forces about the ‘End Isolation, Fascism, Occupation! Time to Ensure Freedom’ campaign. The message of the Central Headquarters Command is as follows:

"The colonial-genocidal fascist AKP-MHP-Ergenekon regime has no precedent in the world for the way in which it targets our people also through isolation and psychological torture against our leader. It is waging a total war against our Movement and all Turkey revolutionary forces. However, against it, great efforts are made with spirit of sacrifice and courage, primarily in Imrali and then by our people in and outside of prisons, as well as by guerrillas and Turkish forces of democracy. All efforts are based on self-defense and had spoiled the enemy’s plans.

Despite this, the fascist regime, which connects its existence and power to the success of the genocide in Kurdistan and the liquidation of the freedom struggle, continues its attacks aiming at achieving total results through these brutal and fascist practices. Today, the AKP-MHP-Ergenekon fascist regime has spread the war to the four parts of Kurdistan hoping to succeed against the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle, and has become a serious danger for the future of the whole region. While this fascist regime poses a serious threat to all peoples, it aims at achieving its goals by subjecting the people of Kurdistan to genocide. In this respect, the struggle against this power has become an important struggle for freedom and democracy against fascism for all the peoples of the region.

At this historical stage, the KCK Executive Council launched a new revolutionary process on 12 September, to fight the total war and genocide policy of the enemy. This initiative is called ‘End Isolation, Fascism, Occupation! Time to Ensure Freedom’ and it is a very important and historical campaign.

This initiative is also a breakthrough as it means the implementation of the Revolutionary People's War, which is the strategy that will lead our struggle to success. Therefore, at this important crossroad, all our forces are called to fulfil their leading by ensuring the necessary participation in accordance to this initiative, which will develop on the basis of a total resistance against the total attack of the enemy.”