Hashd al-Shaabi to withdraw from Shengal

Shengal District Governor announced that Hashd al-Shaabi forces have withdrawn from Rabia and will withdraw from Shengal too.

Following the independence referendum held in South Kurdistan on September 25, 2017 Iraqi army forces and Hashd al-Shaabi militia intervened in the “disputed” territories, Kirkuk in the first place, and seized control over these areas. Hashd al-Shaabi then entered Shengal (Sinjar) on October 17.

Shengal District Governor Mehma Halil made a statement making the presence of the militia in the region clear.

Mehma Halil said Hashd al-Shaabi forces have withdrawn from Rabia and it has been decided for their withdrawal from Shengal as well.

Halil stated that; “Hashd al-Shaabi held a meeting with their units in Shengal. During the meeting, they told that they would withdraw from Shengal and leave the town to the local people. This decision was made upon the demand of the people. Hashd al-Shaabi has seen that Shengal is not their working area. They have been holding meetings to discuss withdrawal for the past two days and they have gathered up the arms of the local people.”