Heftanin resistance continues: At least 16 soldiers killed

In numerous guerrilla actions, at least 16 soldiers of the Turkish army were killed in Heftanin.

The Press Centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) has issued a detailed statement on the developments in the region of Heftanin in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). In the statement, the HPG press office also informs about guerrilla actions in the provinces Mardin and Van as well as air attacks on the Medya Defense Zones.


Referring to the start of the death fast of PKK prisoners in Amed on 14 July 1982, the HPG said: "The great resistance in Heftanin is conducted in the spirit of the resistance of 14 July. The fascist colonialist Turkish state is being inflicted heavy blows. This is a sign that the occupiers will not get through."

Regarding the details of the guerrilla actions in Heftanin, the HPG press office informs that on July 12, there were clashes with the Turkish army in Xantur region. The HPG had already commented on some actions on Monday. In addition, a mobile military unit was attacked near Hill Şehîd Rojîn Gewda. Five soldiers were killed and another was injured here. Following the guerrilla actions in Xantur, the area was bombed from the air and from the ground. Guerrilla fighter Rustem was martyred here.

Also on 12 July, sniper actions took place on Hill Dûpişk at 7.50, 9.00, 10.45, 15.30 and 16.30 hours, during which five soldiers were shot dead. Two soldiers were also killed on hills Şehîd Ciwana and Şehîd Serfiraz. One soldier was killed on Hill Koordine.

On the Kartal hill the same day, the "Air Defence Unit Şehîd Delal" of the HPG targeted two locations of Turkish military units. The number of those killed or wounded here couldn’t be clarified.

On the morning of 13 July, three soldiers were shot dead in the areas of Şehîd Bêrîvan and Hill Tunelê.

In their statement on Monday, the HPG had informed about guerrilla actions and clashes in the Bektorya region. As the press office announced today, guerrilla fighters Ozan, Zeynep, Gever and Şoreş were martyred in this action.


On July 12, the guerrillas hit soldiers of the Turkish army in Mardin. The soldiers were on a hill in the Bagok Mountains from which the military station Sivax is secured. The number of dead or injured could not be determined according to HPG.


On 5 July, the HPG targeted Turkish soldiers in the vicinity of the Mendine military post in Başkale district in Van province. One soldier was killed in the action, after which the Turkish army launched a military operation that covered the villages of Liseke, Xoçta and Bezeke. The villages were searched and military movements in the area are still ongoing.

Air raids on guerrilla zones

On July 13, Turkish fighter jets bombed the area around the villages of Golka and Beşiri in Metina region, the Sida area in the Zap region and Mervanos in Avashin region. The air raids did not result in losses to the guerrillas, while fires broke out in the area.