History Professor: "We should all support the PKK"

Historian Prof. Dr. Keywan Azad, called for joint action together with the PKK against the occupation of southern Kurdistan by the Turkish military in the face of the neo-Ottoman dreams of the Erdoğan regime.

Keywan Azad, Professor of History at the University of Silêmanî in Southern Kurdistan, considers the formation of Kurdish unity to be indispensable given the Turkish state’s threats to occupy Southern Kurdish territory.

Speaking to RojNews agency, the historian said Turkey seeks to dispatch jihadist militias of al-Nusra and ISIS in Qandil, stressing that; "We have to prevent this together with the PKK".

The history of the Turkish state is based on a one-man regime, said the history professor. "The Turkish state relies on invasion, occupation and Turkification. By bringing the Kurds under control, Turkey wants to become a major power among the Islamic countries in the region. The goal is to make the neo-Ottomanism dreams come true."

The professor emphasized the importance of Kurdish unity against Turkish occupation and continued; "Turkey wants to expand its activities in the region. At the moment Turkey is living a problem with the US. The Turkish currency is losing value and the economy is worsening. In view of the problems between the Turkish state and the US, the Kurds should increasingly focus on diplomacy and show initiative in all aspects."

"PKK is a revolutionary movement"

Keywan Azad pointed out that the PKK stands up for the rights of the Kurdish people and is a revolutionary force that has been leading a fight to this end for years. He said PKK must definitively be removed from the list of terrorist organisations, adding that PKK could also take part in the international coalition.  

Concerning the Turkish threats to occupy Qandil, Azad said: "A look at the history of Turkey shows that the Turkish state wants to form armed forces allied to it to keep itself away from the war. An example of this is Turkey’s occupation of Afrin together with FSA gangs. Now, Turkey is seeking a foundation to deploy Al-Nusra and ISIS gangs in Qandil.”

Remarking that the Kurdistan Federation does not have the strength to stop a Turkish invasion, Azad added; “KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party), PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) and Gorran (Change) Movement remain helpless under the influence of the Turkish state. We should all stand behind the PKK, because a collapse of the PKK would also mean a collapse of the Kurds."