HPG: 12 Turkish soldiers killed in Gever

Guerrillas hit Turkish troops partaking in a military operation in Gever, Hakkari. 12 soldiers were killed here, including a first lieutenant and a specialized sergeant.

The Press Office of People’s Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement detailing the latest actions carried out by guerrillas against the Turkish army in Heftanin region of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), and the continued attacks by the Turkish army.

Accordingly, guerrillas hit Turkish soldiers in the areas of Şeşdara, Pirbula, Koordine Hill and Tünel Hill on July 27. The number of soldiers killed or wounded in these actions couldn’t be clarified.


On the same day, guerrillas hit Cobra and Sikorsky helicopters operating in the mentioned area. Effective strikes from two sides left the helicopters damaged.


On July 27, guerrillas carried out a sabotage action targeting the construction of a military road between Eriş and Xeregol hills in Çukurca (Çele) district of Hakkari. A construction machine was destroyed and a Turkish soldier was killed as a result of the action.


Turkish fighter jets bombed the Kartal Hill in Avashin region of Medya Defense Zones on July 27. Two guerrillas by the name of Tekoşer and Helmet were martyred during the attack and their ID details will be announced later on.


On July 19, the Turkish army launched an operation in the area of Mergezere in Gever (Yüksekova) district of Hakkari. Heavy fighting erupted between the guerrillas and the Turkish troops airdropped in the area. A total of 12 soldiers of the Turkish army, including a first lieutenant and a specialized sergeant, were killed as a result of effective strikes by the guerrillas. Three guerrillas fell putting up heroic fight against the Turkish forces during the course of the operation. The ID details of the fallen guerrillas are as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Ahmet Cizre
First-Last Name: İsa Eren
Place of Birth: Şırnak
Mother's - Father's Name: Rabia – Bahattin
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 19 July 2020 / Gever


Nom de Guerre: Çekdar Zilan
First-Last Name: Fırat Erişen
Place of Birth: Van
Mother's - Father's Name: Ferizde – Behçet
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 19 July 2020 / Gever


Nom de Guerre: Simko Zerdeşti
First-Last Name: Mahir Ediş
Place of Birth: Şırnak
Mother's - Father's Name: Züleyha – Rauf
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 19 July 2020 / Gever

HPG described the guerrilla fighters Ahmet Cizre, Çekdar Zîlan and Simko Zerdeştî as "selfless comrades" who mounted "relentless resistance against the occupiers" during the hot phases of the war. "Thus, our three comrades ensured that the struggle of the Kurdish people against the capitulation policy of the fascist AKP/MHP government will be maintained". HPG expressed their condolences to the relatives of the martyrs.