HPG: 34 Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin and Siirt

Guerrillas have inflicted heavy blows on the Turkish army in Heftanin and Siirt. While 22 soldiers were killed and 2 helicopters damaged in Heftanin, 12 soldiers were killed by YJA Star in Heftanin.

The Press Office of People’s Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement announcing the details of the latest actions carried out by guerrillas against Turkish troops in Southern and Northern Kurdistan. The statement includes the following:


As part of the Battle of Heftanin campaign ongoing in Heftanin region of Medya Defense Zones, our forces have inflicted heavy blows on the occupant Turkish army on 8 August.

The invading Turkish army engaged in an occupation attempt on Pirbula Valley at 7 August night with the support of counter-guerrillas. Our forces hit the occupiers at very close range at 07:30 on 8 August and violent clashes broke out. Our forces encircled the enemy units from 7 sides and put them under intense fire. The actions, in which raid, assault and assassination tactics were used against the enemy units, turned into a revolutionary operation against the occupation attempt. Our forces also targeted the Sikorsky and Cobra helicopters that were deployed to the scene to get the besieged soldiers out of the circle. Effective strikes left 1 Sikorsky and 1 Cobra type helicopter damaged and forced them to retreat from the area. During the course of the revolutionary operation, 22 soldiers and counter-guerrillas were killed and 8 others wounded.

Having inflicted heavy blows on the enemy, our forces overrun their positions and seized a large quantity of military materials from those killed. Our forces remained in the area for a long while and did not let the occupiers intervene. Having suffered a historic blow, the occupiers had to retreat from the area. During the fighting in this area, our comrade Warşin fell a martyr whilst putting up a brave fight.

During the clashes, the occupant Turkish army targeted a civilian car and the local people working in their gardens.

During the night hours, fighter jets bombed the surroundings of Pirbula and Minine village. While our forces suffered no casualties in these bombardments, the vineyards and orchards of the local people were damaged.


As part of the Martyr Medya Mawa and Martyr Rizgar Gever Vengeance Campaign, our YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) forces carried out a sabotage action against a convoy of the occupant Turkish army between the villages of Heshet and Osyan in Siirt’s Pervari district at 09:30 on 8 August. An armored vehicle was struck and completely destroyed, leaving 12 enemy soldiers dead.


The occupant Turkish army launched an occupation operation in the region of Bane village, located in the territory of Mount Gabar, in Şırnak province at 14:00 on 30 July. The Turkish army bombed the area with fighter jets and airdropped soldiers. During the course of the operation, our comrades Rohat, Brusk and Botan fell as martyrs and their identity details will be made public at a later date.


The operation launched by the occupant Turkish army in the area of Esendere, in Hakkari’s Gever (Yüksekova) district on 2 August was discontinued on 7 August without achieving any results.


On 8 August, fighter jets shelled the areas of Sida, Kurojaro, Werxele and Saca areas in Zap region of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones – in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). Our forces suffered no losses as a result of these bombardments.