HPG: 41 Turkish soldiers killed

According to HPG information, 41 Turkish soldiers were killed, and various weapons were confiscated or destroyed in a large-scale guerrilla operation against Turkish military camps at Girê Amêdî in South Kurdistan.


According to the press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG), the guerrillas attacked three military bases of the Turkish army in South Kurdistan on 19 March.

According to the information, 41 Turkish soldiers were killed during the operation and various weapons and military accessories were destroyed or confiscated.

The guerrilla fighters Ekin and Canşêr fell as martyrs. The operation took place in the Girê Amêdî resistance area in the western Zap region and was named after fallen fighters Ciwan and Andok, who died in a guerrilla operation in the same area last November. The HPG consider the operation a great success.

Regarding the course of the operation, the HPG reported that special tactics and technology were used and that the guerrillas attacked Turkish military camps in the areas of Şehîd Cemre, Şehîd Cesur and Şehîd Pirdoğan with several attack units at the same time. A rocket launcher confiscated from the guerrillas while storming an enemy position was fired at a Turkish army tank. When the army positioned several armored vehicles to defend itself, they were forced to retreat by targeted fire.

A total of 41 soldiers were killed, and eleven soldiers were wounded. The guerrillas seized a B7 rocket launcher, a BKC semi-automatic weapon including ammunition, binoculars, a laser pointer, two thermal batteries with adapters, two cameras and other military accessories.

Several weapons, including an MPT-55, as well as seven cameras, 12 surveillance cameras, eight projectors, seven emplacements, three containers, two tents and a radar were destroyed in the operation, the HPG said.

More detailed information about the identity of martyrs Ekin and Canşêr will be published at a later date.