HPG: 8 Turkish soldiers killed in revenge action

Diljin Marya Dersim, one of the Gabar region commanders, fell a martyr on August 23. Guerrillas carried out an action against the Turkish army to avenge her.

The People's Defense Forces (HPG)/Free Women’s Troops (YJA Star) guerrillas carried out a revenge action in memory of Diljin Marya Dersim, one of the Gabar region commanders who fell a martyr on August 23. 8 Turkish soldiers were killed, and one Hedgehog type armored vehicle was destroyed during the action.

The HPG Press Centre has released a statement detailing the action, which said the following:

“As a result of a Turkish bombardment in the Şehit Aram area of the Gabar region in Şırnak on August 23, 2021, our comrade Diljin Marya Dersim, one of the Gabar region commanders, was martyred.

The identity information of our comrade is as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Diljîn Marya Dersîm
Name-Surname: Saniye Toprak
DPlace of Birth: Siirt
Mother’s – Father’s Name: Latife – Mustafa
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 23 August 2021 / Gabar


Our comrade Diljîn was born and grew up in Siirt in a family with strong patriotic tradition. She had to immigrate to Istanbul with her family because of the invading Turkish state's policies to de-kurdify Kurdistan. From an early age, she was interested in the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle. Witnessing the oppression and persecution against our people in Kurdistan and the big cities of Turkey, our comrade Diljîn chose to actively participate in the struggle. In 1999, she joined the guerrilla in Dersim province against the February 15 international conspiracy which targeted the free future of our people in the person of leader Abdullah Öcalan, and served as a model of the Free Kurdish Woman against the vicious conspiracy.

From the first moment she joined the guerrilla, she left a strong impression on all her comrades with her strong-willed stance. Our comrade Diljin, who disseminated her enthusiasm to all around and acted with a team spirit has always been a genuine Apoist militant. She clung to the free life with great love and conveyed this love to her comrades in the same way. For years, she carried out guerrilla activities in many areas specifically in Dersîm, Qandil, Zap and Metîna. Our comrade, who quickly adapted to the reality of war as a young female militant, became a commander in a short time and took a leading role in challenging guerrilla actions. She was an unwavering defender of Leader Apo's line in the face of the purge practices internally imposed on our party. Our comrade Diljîn, who trained herself with Öcalan’s Defences and shared what she learned with her comrades, always strived to make sure that the party line prevailed in life with her principled and clear stance. She proved to be a strong truth seeker and fighter in the light of the Democratic Ecological and Women's Emancipation Society paradigm. Our comrade Diljîn, who trained herself and shaped her mind with her devotion to Öcalan and the martyrs under all circumstances, never lost her enthusiasm over the years.

Our comrade Diljin internalized and put the Women's Freedom Ideology into practice and became an epitome of the PAJK militancy. She not only succeeded in being a great commander in the great war we have waged against the invaders, but also carried out an effective struggle against the statist mentality based on male domination. Comrade Diljin, whose military qualifications were outstanding, made significant contributions to the Freedom Struggle of our people by training numerous commanders and fighters with her years-long experience.

Our comrade Diljîn returned to her homeland with a serious mission and duty in her mind and became the commander of effective actions that dealt heavy blows to the invading troops in the Gabar region. She continued the tradition of heroism in the Gabar region, which started with our great commander Egid, including Adil and Gülbahar. By adopting Öcalan’s line, she demonstrated the strategic importance of the Free Woman in the war and the new era YJA Star commandership with her practice.

We express our condolences to the precious family of our comrade Diljîn, who was a genuine commander of the Apoist militant spirit and waged a relentless struggle with her long-term guerrilla practice, to our people of Botan and to all patriotic people of Kurdistan. We once again promise that we will crown the struggle of our immortal comrade with victory.

As part of the Egîdên Botanê Victory Campaign:

On September 6, the invading Turkish army launched an operation in the areas of Findikê, Çiyayê Bizina and Şehid Bahoz in the Gabar region in the Basa (Güçlükonak) district of Şırnak. A Turkish military unit in the Şehid Bahoz area was hit by our forces using infiltration tactic on the same day. At least 2 Turkish soldiers were killed following this successful action, after which the invading troops withdrew from the area on September 7.

The invading Turkish army has launched an operation in the Girê Berxwedan and Deşta Mistoxê areas in the Çirav district of the Gabar region in the Dihê (Eruh) district of Siirt. On September 7, at 19:00, a Hedgehog type armoured vehicle was hit with sabotage tactics between the villages of Aval and Nîtê. 6 soldiers were killed, 4 others injured, and the Hedgehog type armoured vehicle was destroyed as a result of this action. The invading Turkish army removed its casualties from the area by helicopters following this successful action by our forces.

In the Werxelê Resistance Area in the Avaşîn region:

On September 12, between 21:00 and 22:30, the invading Turkish army bombed the Werxelê Resistance Area with heavy weapons. Clashes took place between the invaders who wanted to advance following the bombings and the Werxelê resistance fighters. Despite their advanced warfare technologies, the invaders could make no progress in the face of our forces' resistance. In the morning of 13 September, the Turkish army once again committed a war crime and bombed the Resistance Area with toxic gases.

Attacks were carried out with howitzers, helicopters and fighter jets against the Medya Defense Zones.

The details of the latest attacks are as follows:

On September 12 at night, Turkish helicopter activity took place over the areas of Mervanos, Tabûra Ereba, Girê Spî, Girê Sor and Girê Silêman in the Avaşîn region.

On September 11, at 22:45, the Banikê village and the Pîrbila area in Heftanîn were heavily bombed with howitzers.

On September 12, at 23:00, the Girê Deştanê in the Sinînê area in the Xakûrkê region was bombed by fighter jets.”