HPG and YJA guerrillas: The International Conspiracy has failed

HPG and YJA guerrillas said that contrary to what the authors of the International Conspiracy intended, the paradigm of the Kurdish People's Leader has spread all over the world.

HPG and YJA guerrillas spoke to ANF about the 25th anniversary of the International Conspiracy and the ongoing isolation.

HPG guerrilla Dijwar Cizîr said that they fought on the basis that 15 February was a dark day for the people of Kurdistan. Noting that the ruling powers wanted to prevent the spread of the Kurdish People's Leader's ideas by keeping him within four walls, Dijwar Cizîr said: “Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] may not be with us physically, but his spirit, ideas and ideology are always with us. We are fighting with the Apoist spirit in Metina, Avaşîn, Zap, Heftanîn and Xakurkê areas. We will also ensure Leader Apo's physical freedom."

His ideas spread around the world

HPG guerrilla Serdem Amanos said that Öcalan's paradigm is valid for all peoples and humanity and added: “The Leader may have been held hostage physically, but today his ideas have spread all over the world. Leader Apo is the leader of all the oppressed. Because of this stance, he became the target of international powers. All our efforts are to completely foil this conspiracy, which is now in its 25th year. This is possible by ending the captivity of the Leader. The guerrillas’ struggle shows that this goal is not far away."

We will increase the struggle and break the isolation

YJA Star guerrilla Berfîn Kobanê said: “As a female guerrilla, I say that until there is only one female guerrilla left and as long as the Kurdish people remain, Leader Apo's ideas and philosophy will always exist and live. There has been no news from Leader Apo for three years. What they want is to prevent the leader's voice from reaching us. Sovereign and hegemonic states still do not understand that we, as guerrilla forces and women guerrillas, live on the philosophy and ideology of the Leader. We are determined to destroy this conspiracy with our struggle and efforts. We will expand our struggle and break this isolation.”