HPG balance sheet: 2,744 soldiers killed, 11 helicopters shot down in 8 months

HPG published a balance sheet of the past eight months of war. According to this, the guerrillas carried out 2,852 actions in which at least 2,744 Turkish soldiers were killed. The Turkish state used prohibited weapons 3,152 times.

Since 14 April, the Turkish army has been carrying out a large-scale invasion in the Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). Since then, war has been waged there at the highest intensity. While the Turkish state systematically tries to hide its losses, the press centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) publishes daily and monthly accounts of the clashes. The HPG reported 299 actions last month and a total of 2,852 actions against the invading forces, in which at least 2,744 soldiers were killed. In the fight against the Turkish army, 199 guerrilla fighters have fallen in the past eight months.

The HPG's statement on its eight-month balance sheet reads as follows:

"The historic resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla against the invasion operation launched by the Turkish army on 14 April to occupy Southern Kurdistan has now been going on for eight months. The fascist AKP/MHP regime is trying to complete its genocidal policy by destroying the free Kurdish identity and the reality of a free Kurdistan. The main aim of the Turkish state is to destroy the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, which is considered as the crucial obstacle in the realization of its dirty plans. The colonialist Turkish army expected to achieve its vile goals in the shortest possible time with the unlimited technical support of NATO and the help of collaborators, but it failed because of the Apoist fighters who sacrificially and victoriously turned every inch of Kurdistan into a field of resistance.


The Turkish invading army, which is stuck in the Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna regions in the face of our guerrilla resistance, resorts again and again to the cruelest illegal methods of war. Thus, the resistance areas are attacked non-stop with banned bombs and chemical weapons. The Turkish army draws courage for its genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people from the deadly international silence. It is permanently committing war crimes before the eyes of the world. The Turkish army committed war crimes of unprecedented cruelty without hesitation by attacking the war tunnels and positions of our forces 3152 times with internationally outlawed bombs (phosphorus bombs, thermobaric bombs, tactical nuclear weapons) and chemical weapons in the past eight months of war. Collaborators, representatives of a traitorous and defeatist line in Kurdistan, openly supported the Turkish invasion by opening routes for the army in Kurdistan and trying to encircle the guerrillas. In this way, the resistance of the guerrillas against the invasion and occupation of Kurdistan was meant to be crushed from behind. Despite all the appeals of our people, these vicious attempts never stopped. The freedom guerrillas of Kurdistan, despite these inhuman attacks, continued their resistance in the war positions uninterruptedly with unwavering Apoist sacrifice and once again impressively demonstrated the invincibility of their will.


The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla have dealt heavy blows to the Turkish army with its revolutionary popular warfare. It combined the new guerrilla tactics and proved that it has the power to thwart all kinds of attacks with its professional tactics of warfare in mobile units, through war tunnels and skillful use of terrain. Within the framework of the Bazên Zagrosê and Şehîd Savaş Maraş Cenga Xabûrê revolutionary offensives, our forces have not given the enemy a moment's rest with ambushes, infiltrations, raids, sabotage operations, assassinations, the use of heavy weapons, skirmishes, coordinated guerrilla actions and revolutionary operations. Last month, 299 guerrilla actions were carried out. Thus, a total of 2,852 guerrilla actions have taken place in the last eight months. In the process, 2,744 members of the invading forces, including 12 contras and 20 senior military officers, were killed and at least 385 injured. The Turkish army suffered a great loss of morale and motivation due to the effective actions of the guerrillas, which took place at all times of the year. In order to get them out of the quagmire and hide the defeat, War Minister Hulusi Akar visited the border several times. However, he did not succeed in motivating the troops and hiding the defeat. The Turkish army not just conceals the number of soldiers killed and does not reveal their names. It even burns their bodies by bombarding them with fighter jets, attack helicopters, howitzers and mortars. Corpses of soldiers are thrown in bags into ravines and defeats are sought to be covered up with fake reports of victory in the special war media. Although clear information on the identity and pictures of the bodies of soldiers under the control of the guerrillas have been documented and published, the Turkish state turns a deaf and a mute ear. The Turkish state is thus making it clear that it does not even care about the soldiers it itself drove onto the battlefield.

Our guerrilla struggle, which began with our immortal commander Egîd (Mahsum Korkmaz), showed its sacrifice with Zîlan and its resistance to betrayal and surrender with Bêrîtan. This struggle became an impenetrable wall against the invading forces through the example of Reşît Serdar. In the face of the invasion, all our fighters in the resistance areas produced new Zîlans and Bêrîtans, Saras and Rûkens. In their frugality, our comrades have not allowed themselves to be defeated even under the most difficult conditions and have fought with the most meagre means. They take their place in the history of our people's struggle as outstanding examples of sacrifice.

Hundreds of invasion attacks by the Turkish occupation army, involving tens of thousands of soldiers, contras and mercenaries and using all technical means, were thwarted by our professional forces. Countless guerrilla actions were carried out in the areas claimed by the invaders. Our forces continue their uninterrupted resistance in every corner of Kurdistan from the north to the south and inflict heavy blows on the fascist Turkish army all the time. The actions carried out by our forces and the reality of the war were made available to the public through Gerîla TV and the facts that the colonialist Turkish army tried to hide with the help of the special war media were clearly revealed.

While the Freedom Guerrilla of Kurdistan fought sacrificially against the genocide and the extermination attacks against our people and waged an unprecedented struggle in these eight months, 199 of our comrades have fallen in the sacrificial struggle. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla are following the line of the martyrs on the basis of the Apoist ideology and have once again shown that they have the determination and strength to achieve victory.


The balance sheet for the period between April 14 and December 14 is as follows:

Actions by our forces:

- 2,852 actions were carried out based on a variety of tactics such as ambush, infiltration, raid, sabotage, assassination, the use of heavy weapons, skirmishes and attacks, coordinated guerrilla actions, actions of the air defence forces and revolutionary operations.

The results of the actions by our forces:

- 2,744 members of the occupation forces, including 20 senior military officers and twelve contras, were killed

- 385 members of the occupation forces were injured

Registered attacks on Medya Defence Zones:

- 3,897attacks by combat aircraft

- 5,433 attacks by combat helicopters

- The war tunnels and positions of our forces were attacked 3,152 times with internationally outlawed bombs (phosphorus bombs, thermobaric bombs, tactical nuclear weapons) and chemical weapons.

Military equipment seized by our forces:

- 14 MPT55 infantry rifles

- 4 scopes for MPT55 infantry rifles

- 4 AK-47 infantry rifles

- 3 G3 infantry rifles

- 4 grenade launchers

- 2 M16 infantry rifles

- 2 HK416 infantry rifles

- 1 BKC machine gun

- 1 B7 rocket launcher

- 1 MPT66 infantry rifle

- 4 pistols

- 4 grenade launcher grenades

- 848 rounds of M16 and BKC ammunition

- 18 hand grenades and numerous smoke grenades

- 4 assault waistcoats (steel)

- 4 steel shields

- 3 cartridge belts

- 12 magazines

- 7 day/night binoculars

- 4 thermal binoculars

- 4 laser sights

- 2 infrared scopes

- 1 laser scope

- 1 thermal imaging camera

- 4 surveillance camera systems

- 3 helmet cameras

- 1 portable radar system

- 44 kg of explosives

- 4 mines

- 1 mine blasting device

- 1 mine detector

- 8 mobile phones

- 3 radios

- 1 solar energy panel

- 1 compass

- 5 knives (bayonet)

- 6 military rucksacks

- 2 berets

- 2 helmets

- 9 torches

- 2 UPS power converters

- 4 energy source

- 2 explosive charges with cortex, TNT, C3

- Parts of a surveillance camera system

- 1 sniper rifle

Military equipment destroyed by our forces:

- 8 Sikorsky transport helicopters

- 3 attack helicopters

- 2 tanks

- 17 armoured military vehicles

- 4 excavators

- 72 surveillance camera systems

- 53 drones

- 8 radar systems

- 5 thermal imaging cameras

- 2 Telescopes

- 3 Signal Jammers

- 5 motion detectors

- 2 audio listening devices

- 1 photo trap

- 1 container

- 137 emplacements

- 42 military tents

- 1 camouflage shelter

- 1 Chemical gas transfer system

- 1 armoury

- 7 A4 weapons

- 2 BKC machine guns

- 300 kg of explosives

- 12 demolition devices

- 2 A4 emplacements

- 2 chemical weapons devices

- 2 suction devices

- 2 mortars

- 1 AT4 rocket launcher

- 1 shield

- 1 projector

- 1 food depot

Military equipment damaged by our forces:

- 48 Sikorsky transport helicopters

- 32 attack helicopters

- 19 emplacements

- 12 drones

- 9 excavators

- 6 armoured military vehicles

- 3 military tents

- 1 container