HPG: Clashes continue in Dersim

The HPG has released details on the actions in Hakkari and Dersim.

The HPG Press Centre released a statement related to actions carried out by the guerrillas in the past few days.

Here is the full text of the statement:

"Within the scope of the Martyr Pîroz and Martyr Agirî Revolutionary Campaign, our forces carried out an action against the invading Turkish army soldiers positioned on Xeregol hill in Hakkari's Çelê (Çukurca) district.

On August 15, at 15.00. Two enemy positions were destroyed in the action where enemy’s positions and shelters on the hill were struck effectively. The number of dead and wounded soldiers in the action could not be determined.

On August 14, during the morning hours, the invading Turkish army launched an operation in the Xaçali area of central Dersim with intensive technical support. The invading Turkish army has bombed the area with warplanes and Cobra-type attack helicopters throughout the operation.

Following the bombardments, the invading forces carried out setdowns to the area with Sikorsky helicopters around 14.30 hours.

Following this, heavy conflicts have taken place between our forces and the invaders. Many enemy soldiers were killed in the conflicts which continued until August 15.

On the same day, the invading Turkish army withdrew from the area with the support of Cobra helicopters. Details in relation to the operation will be shared with the public as it is obtained.

The warplanes of the invading Turkish army on August 13 bombed the Kanî Babilê and the slopes of Heft Tebax in the Gare region, and on August 14, warplanes bombed the slopes of Tepê Kûn in Gare region.

The fire which has broken out in the area following the bombardments continues."