HPG commander: We won’t let Turkey get away with occupation

Kurdish guerrillas are repelling every attack.

Serdar Star, HPG commander in the Bradost region, spoke to ANF about the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state.

Star said that the plans of the Republic of Turkey over South Kurdistan go back some thirty years and added that “Turkey has been able to reach some achievements in South Kurdistan through the complacency of the KDP. As a result, the Turkish army has been using the Behdinan region as its base and police area. Now they would like to spread that to the areas of Bradost and Soran. If they succeed, they may want to go even further, until the Pencewin border”.

He added: “Turkish presence has no legitimacy in Batufan, Zakho, Amediye, Sheladize, Bamerni, Barzan and Bradost regions. All forces present there, are occupying forces. They thought to find friends or supporters in these areas, but they are greatly mistaken”.

Star continued by pointing out that “Turkey thought that once they carried out the occupation of Afrin they could move on and occupy Bradost. They want to widen the occupied territories and deepen the war”.

The HPG commander said that clearly the “attacks by Turkey are not new. What is new - he pointed out - is the situation of crisis and turmoil in which the Turkish state finds itself”. It is, Star argued, precisely this “economic and political crisis that has prompted Turkey to trying and transferring the war across the border”.

According to the HPG commander “Turkey’s plans to invade the Medya Defense Areas are aimed at striking the guerrillas while at the same time diverting the attention from the internal crisis. As well as dismantling the guerrilla areas, Turkey’s aim is to severe the Qandil-Bradost-Behdinan connections. These are tactical targets”.

Star added that “Bradost will be the grave of colonialism. None of the state forces that come to these areas are safe. Every group that comes in is faced with guerrillas’ actions and must withdraw”.

Drawing attention to the historical importance of the Bradost region, Star said that the area has been always of great importance for the Kurdish freedom movement. This triangle of a land - he pointed out - has never been occupied before. This is the historical Golden Crescent Zone, surrounded by the Zagros mountain chain. The Kurds’ mothers and ancestors created a tradition of resistance in this area. This resistance continues today under HPG leadership”.

Today the KDP is not protesting against the Turkish attempt to invade Bradost. “In fact - said Star - the KDP actively aids the Turkish army. Turkish helicopters are landing near KDP outposts”.

Star underlined that it was the “Turkish state that attacked Kirkuk on 16 October. Hashd al-Shaabi and the Iraqi state would not have such a strength. Since ’92 - added the HPG commander - it is the Turkish state that has caused corruption and injustice that prevented any change in South Kurdistan”.

Star said the people of South Kurdistan and the Bradost tribe should be aware of these plans by the Turkish state. “The people of Bradost must stand against this occupation which is aimed at destroying any gain achieved by Kurds using the PKK as an excuse. The PKK means the Kurdish people. For this reason, war against the PKK means war against the revolutionary power of Kurdistan. The only power that has not been crushed and controlled in Kurdistan is the HPG”.

Guerrilla Commander Serdar Star ended his remarks by saying: “Each passing day our guerrillas are rejecting the occupation attacks carried out by the Turkish state. The people of southern Kurdistan should consider this struggle as their own struggle”.