HPG guerrilla from Raqqa: The threat of ISIS continues

HPG guerrilla Agit Reqa said Raqqa has been liberated but the threat of ISIS continues.

Agit Reqa comes from a family of 4 brothers and 5 sisters. He was born in central Raqqa. He witnessed the tyranny of ISIS gangs in the Middle East.

Agit said: “My family was well off, but when Jaysh el Hur invaded Raqqa, we went from well off to barely not starving. When Raqqa was liberated, our conditions started to improve significantly. When I saw my family’s situation improving, I decided to repay my debt to the Kurdish people.”


Guerrilla Agit from Raqqa said he himself had been forced to join ISIS: “I was young, and they were trying to influence us using religion. They said they were the true defenders of Islam, but I’m still a Muslim, now I can see better who the true defenders of Islam are.


Agit said the ISIS attacks first targeted women in Raqqa: “ISIS carried out their first attack over women. The first bans were against women. They told women they had to cover up every inch of their body when they left home, covered in a black sheet. For men, they said everybody has to go to the mosque, and that anybody who didn’t act in line with ISIS gangs was an infidel.”


“We first thought ISIS would defend the people, but then when they said they would start beheadings and then they did, people had already been so weathered and fear had sunk in so deep that there wasn’t any structure left to object to it among the people. You know the story of the frog. If you throw a frog into hot water it will leap away and save itself, but if you heat the cold water slowly it will die in there. ISIS gangs used this method, not with cities they attacked but with cities they wanted to keep a hold on.”

Agit from the HPG stressed that as much as ISIS gangs tried to show their center as Raqqa, the organization was in fact formed by international powers: “The founding of ISIS happened in Turkey, Tunisia and Iraq. Such a structure was formed with the participations in Tunisia and Iraq. It must be remembered that they used religion and exploited religious sentiment to influence a young European crowd that is always in search of something.”


Guerrilla Agit said he is thankful for the peoples who rescued his own people from ISIS gangs and added: “My country was under ISIS control for years. I saw what a horror an occupation was. The Syrian state is a nation state. We didn’t have an issue at the national level, but to think that the rage I felt against the invaders with the coming of the gangs was something the Kurdish people felt for years, I decided to join the ranks of the PKK to show that I stand with the Kurdish people who supported us.”