HPG guerrilla: We will fight to the last drop of blood

"The Turkish army is defeated by the guerrillas because the guerrillas have a strong will and fight for an ideology they are convinced of," said HPG guerrilla Argeş Amed.

Turkey is continuing the occupation attacks on the guerrilla-held Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and is resorting to internationally outlawed means of combat in the face of resistance from the guerrilla armies HPG (People’s Defence Forces) and YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops).

HPG guerrilla Argeş Amed spoke to ANF about the war in Southern Kurdistan, saying:

"I am taking part in the Bazên Zagrosê [Falcons of the Zagros] offensive. As a freedom fighter, I am proud to participate in the campaign. First and foremost, it is important to know that the war in the Medya Defence Zones is not being waged by the Turkish state alone, but with the support of the hegemonic powers. The Turkish attacks that are taking place in the course of the Bazên Zagrosê revolutionary offensive are not ordinary attacks. Different types of prohibited weapons are used against the guerrillas. The guerrillas show a strong will against chemical weapons. It is a historic moment for a guerrilla to fight against the enemy in this war. The Turkish state is failing because of the will of the guerrillas. Therefore, it wants to achieve results in the Medya Defence Zones with chemical weapons. These weapons are internationally banned. This is well known, but obviously does not apply when they are used against the guerrillas. In practice, this is concretely visible. For example, the Şehîd Botan position was attacked hundreds of times with gas and explosives within four days. This is a clear indication of how hard the Turkish state is struggling and that it is suffering defeat against the guerrillas. Turkey wants to get results by using chemical weapons. We saw what resistance means in Siyanê, Werxelê and Zendura in 2021."

Argeş Amed stressed that the resistance continues unabated, saying: "Although the guerrillas have documented the use of banned gas, nothing is being done about it. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has not taken any initiative. Thus, the international states give permission for the use of such weapons. It is a general concept. The guerrillas will always resist it.”

Amed concluded: “The Turkish state, relying on its technical means, wants to gain control over the guerrilla areas, but as we know, this is an illusion. The Turkish army's losses mean that its defeat is imminent. The Turkish media does not report this, but it is known that the soldiers are coming back to Turkey as corpses. The fascist Turkish army is being defeated by the guerrillas who have a strong will and are fighting for an ideology they believe in. We know that we will win in the end. It is our responsibility to carry the flag taken from our fallen comrades to the mountain tops. For this we will fight to the last drop of blood."