HPG: Guerrillas continue to resist Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan

According to HPG information, the Turkish army continues to attack the guerrillas in South Kurdistan using chemical weapons, improvised explosive devices, drones and fighter jets. The guerrillas continue to resist.

The press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) said in a statement about the war in South Kurdistan that the guerrilla resistance to the Turkish invasion of the Medya Defense Areas continues, as do the attacks by the Turkish army.

Guerrilla actions in Zap and Metina

According to the information, on 20 May, the guerrillas attacked and destroyed a Turkish army container in the Kurojahro resistance area in the Zap region with heavy weapons. It was not possible to determine how many soldiers were in the container and were killed or injured. On Wednesday, soldiers were attacked with a heavy weapon in the Golka area of Metina. On the western front in the Zap region, guerrillas intervened yesterday with semi-automatic weapons against soldiers who were searching the terrain in the Girê Cûdî resistance area with a detector. The squad then withdrew.

Attacks by the Turkish army

Regarding the attacks by the Turkish army on 22 May, the HPG reported that poisonous gas was used three times and banned explosives once against a tunnel in the Girê FM resistance area. The gas used in combination with tear gas was orange in color. The guerrilla tunnel on the western front of the Zap has been attacked with chemical weapons since 10 May. Improvised explosives were used in a tunnel in the Girê Amêdî area, and two attacks were carried out by drones loaded with explosives, also on a tunnel in the Girê Cûdî area.

In addition, the HPG reports seven air strikes by fighter jets. The areas bombed on Wednesday were Sinînê, Lolan and Girê Şehîd Şerîf in Xakurke, Dergelê in Metîna and Girê Amêdî in the west of the Zap region.