HPG: Nobody can push us out of Shengal

HPG said they forces went to Shengal for a human and moral mission, and that HPG, whose 230 freedom fighters were martyred there, won't leave Shengal as long as the threat against the people remains.

HPG Shengal Command released a statement regarding the recently enhanced pressure and threats forcing the leave of guerrillas from the Shengal region.


The statement by HPG Shengal Command said the following:

“As is already known, ISIS gangs attempted a major massacre and occupation campaign against Shengal and our Êzidî people on August 3, 2014. This occupation threat also targeted the entire South Kurdistan territory. At a time when all the Êzidî people were left defenseless, we as HPG intervened the situation as a requirement of the patriotism ethics and human duty. During the resistance we have mounted to defend Shengal and South Kurdistan since that day, nearly 230 freedom fighters have been martyred. This struggle of ours will continue as long as the threat against our people remains."

Stressing that the struggle ongoing in Shengal for two and a half years has revealed a huge spirit of solidarity and national unity among the people of Kurdistan, HPG said the battle given by guerrillas and peshmergas side by side against the barbarians boosted the morale of the Kurdish people with regard to their historical hope and desire.


Referring to the threats of KRG President Nechirvan Barzani and the Turkish state, HPG Shengal Command emphasized the followings:

"Smear campaigns have been launched against our forces in Shengal for a while now. Most recently, Nechirvan Barzani threatened to resort to military violence in the event that PKK forces do not leave Shengal. We evaluate this statement, which was made in parallel with the statements of Turkish state officials, as provocative remarks intending to start an inner conflict. History has proven that nobody can push us out of Shengal by use of force. Making such a statement targeting our forces in Shengal while remaining silent on the occupation by the Turkish state of many territories in South Kurdistan, harms the Kurdish unity. Neither history nor our people will forgive a force that incites a inner conflict during the current process."