HPG: One soldier killed in Iğdir

The HPG Press Contact Center (HPG-BIM) reported that guerrillas killed a soldier by targeting a military security point in Iğdir.

The HPG-BIM said: "Within the ongoing progress in the Revolutionary Victory Initiative carried out in the province of Serhat, our forces targeted a soldier position on January 5 at 4 pm in the Araik district of Iğdır."

The statement added the following details of the action: "One soldier who could be detected was killed in this action, while an enemy unit that was heading up the hill was effectively shot. Our unity has returned safely to base."

The HPG-BIM also said that the Turkish state bombed the Zap. "Warplanes belonging to the invading Turkish army bombed the Cehennem Hill and Karker areas of the Zap region on January 5 between 3.30 and 4 pm. We did not suffered any loss in these bombings."