HPG pays tribute to commander Çiya

The HPG said that guerrilla commander Şevger Çiya fell in an enemy attack in the Medya Defense Areas in January 2022 after 24 years of freedom struggle.

Guerrilla commander Şevger Çiya fell as a martyr, said the press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) in a statement. The guerrilla came from Mardin (Mêrdîn) and died in an enemy attack in the Medya Defense Areas in January 2022 after 24 years in the liberation struggle.

The HPG paid tribute to Şevger Çiya as a commander who “will be remembered as a role model for his work, his willingness to sacrifice, his humility, his courage and his firm attachment to ideal values.” The HPG expressed its condolences to his family, the people of Mardin and the Kurdish people.

The HPG provided the following information about the identity of the martyr:

 Codename: Şevger Çiya

 First and last name: Sedat Aksu

 Place of birth: Mêrdîn

 Names of mother and father: Xanse – Nurî

 Date and place of death: 22/01/2022 Medya Defense Areas

Şevger Çiya was born in Akbağ (Eqres), a village in Mêrdîn-Ertuqî (Mardin-Artuklu). He grew up in the village in an environment close to the Kurdish movement and only went to school for a short time. As a child he saw the guerrillas for the first time and was impressed. His childhood and youth were marked by the village destruction and extrajudicial executions of the 1990s. Because his family refused to work as village guards for the Turkish state, they had to move to Mardin. Şevger Çiya worked as a militiaman for the PKK and stood out for his care and seriousness. He also took part in activities in the city. His cousin Ferhat Aksu died in the fight for freedom in Mardin in 1991, and his uncle Celal died as a militia member in Bismil in 1994. In 1998, Şevger Çiya joined the guerrillas on Mount Bagok.

Şevger Çiya underwent basic ideological and military training in the Bagok Mountains and quickly became involved in practical work. Although he was still new, he took part in military actions.

In 1999, he went to the Gabar area and continued to fight with the same enthusiasm. In the same year, he went to Heftanin due to the guerrillas' decision to withdraw from Turkish territory. There, with his work as a courier, he helped ensure that many of his fellow fighters reached their destinations safely. For two years he looked after the fallen cemetery in Heftanin with great dedication.

In 2001, he suffered an injury during a military operation in the region, but recovered quickly. During the guerrilla offensive of 1 June 2004, he returned to Botan and fought against the Turkish army with unshakable morale and conviction. Even in the most difficult moments, he proved himself to be an apoist militant who defended the principles of the PKK under all circumstances.

In 2007, he attended the Haki Karer Academy for further training. After five years of practice, he went to the Shehid Ibrahim Academy, from which he emerged as a commander.

He then assumed responsible roles in various areas until he was killed in an attack in the Medya Defense Areas in January 2022.