HPG Press Centre releases identity of guerrillas fallen in Cilo

The HPG Press Center paid tribute to the three guerrillas who fell martyrs in Cilo on 9 September.

The HPG Press Center issued a written statement about the guerrillas who fell martyrs in Cilo.

The HPG statement said: "In our statement dated 13 September, we reported that on 9 September, at 12.30, the invading Turkish army bombed the Ismail Ağa area of Colemêrg's Sümbül Mountain region with warplanes and combat Skorsky helicopters. They dropped soldiers and launched an operation on the ground where clashes erupted. We shared with the public the information that our comrades Çekdar, Dilovan and Ronahi, who fought heroically against the enemy, had fallen martyrs.

The identity information of our comrades is as follows:

      Code Name: Çekdar Amed

      Name Surname: Azad Şık

      Place of Birth: Amed

      Mother's - Father's Name: Hanım - Hasan

      Date and Place of Martyrdom: 9 September 2020 / Colemêrg


      Code Name: Ronahi Ruken

      Name Surname: Şehriban Heja Uzun

      Place of Birth: Erzurum

      Mother's-Father's Name: Necla - Şakir

      Date and Place of Martyrdom: 9 September 2020 / Colemêrg


      Code Name: Dilovan Kobane

      Name Surname: Ömer Oso

      Place of Birth: Kobani

      Mother's - Father's Name: Makbule - Ali

      Date and Place of Martyrdom: 9 September 2020 / Colemêrg


Comrade Çekdar was born in Amed, the center of resistance in Kurdistan, and took part in youth work from an early age. Our comrade Çekdar, who grew up with the tradition of resistance, never stopped his search for freedom. Our comrade joined the ranks of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla in 2013.

Comrade Ronahi was born in Erzurum and followed in the line of the Women's Freedom Struggle. She was one of the leading young female militants in our struggle and had become a commander at a young age.

Comrade Dilovan was born in Kobane, and was raised in a patriotic family deeply committed to the values ​​of our people. Our comrade Dilovan, who played an active role in the freedom revolution developing in Rojava, realized the fact that our people's dreams of freedom will not come true until the four parts of Kurdistan are cleansed from the invaders."