HPG publishes its 4-month war balance sheet

HPG announced its 4-month war balance sheet. According to this, 1454 actions were carried out, 1871 invaders were killed. A large amount of military equipment was destroyed, including 6 helicopters and 2 tanks.

The HPG Press Center announced the balance sheet of the war between 14 April and 14 August.

The HPG said: "Our struggle for resurrection and liberation, which started with the first bullet fired by Comrade Egîd at the occupying mentality on 15 August 1984, is now marching towards victory with confident steps. Thousands of Egîds in the PKK are protecting our people and lands by fighting selflessly. The colonialist Turkish state launched a new comprehensive invasion attack in the areas of Zap, Avaşîn and Metina on 14 April. Turkey targets the guerrillas who are the hope of freedom for our people.”

Turkish army’s efforts frustrated once again

The HPG statement continued: “From the very first moment of the attack, our comrades, armed with Egîd's spirit of victory, Berîtan's strong spirit, and Zîlan's self-sacrificing determination, have turned every inch of our land into a historical resistance area. Despite the most difficult conditions and the scarcest means, our comrades resisted on the line of martyrs and reached the dawn of victory so that our people could have an honourable future. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, who defended our country by shedding their blood, once again frustrated the colonial dreams of the fascist Turkish state. The guerrillas, the leading force of the Revolutionary People's War, has shown the whole world that they have the power to protect the existence of our people and ensure their freedom with its war performance on the line of victory.

Our forces, using the rich tactics of the new period guerrilla war with great creativity, opened a new page in the history of resistance of the oppressed peoples with the underground war style and the mobile team style that dealt heavy blows to the invaders by providing land control. With the unlimited support of NATO, the fascist Turkish army, which did not hesitate to use the most despicable methods and commit war crimes recklessly, was once again frustrated by the steel will of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla.

Turkey continues to commit war crimes

Unable to stop the guerrillas, unable to achieve its goals and receiving heavy blows, the colonial Turkish army attacks the Resistance Areas with banned tactical nuclear bombs and chemical weapons every day. It also carries out bombardments hundreds of times a day by warplanes, attack helicopters, heavy weapons, tanks, artillery, mortars and howitzers. Despite all these attacks, the racist Turkish state, the enemy of the peoples, could not get any results, and carried out a deliberate massacre by directly targeting civilians. The murderous Turkish state, which deliberately targeted 9 defenseless civilians, including children, in Zakho, and killed the Kurdish people by shooting directly in many parts of Kurdistan, once again revealed its true face and intentions. The fascist mentality, which targets civilians in Kurdistan for a specific purpose and plan and deliberately destroys the land of Kurdistan, has shown what a great threat and danger it poses to the existence and freedom of all Middle Eastern peoples. Undoubtedly, these savage and cowardly attacks are also a reflection of the stalemate that the fascist Turkish army has entered into. However, despite the murder of civilians and the reckless use of chemical weapons and tactical nuclear bombs against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, there is not enough reaction against the Turkish state, which is a war criminal and a crime against humanity. It is a historical patriotic duty that our people and true friends of our people show a more effective stance and reaction that completes the guerrilla resistance and takes care of their own responsibilities.

In the last four months, our forces have dealt the heaviest blows to the invading Turkish army in many parts of Kurdistan, especially in the Bazên Zagrosê and Martyr Savaş Maraş Cenga Xabûrê Revolutionary Campaigns. The guerrilla of democratic modernity, with its mobile teams and tunnel is walking toward victory.

Our mobile teams, which have become professional in applying the guerrilla tactics of the new era, carried out 1,454 actions using raid, infiltration, sabotage, assassination, ambush, heavy weapons and coordinated guerrilla tactics.

The war criminal invading Turkish state continued to commit crimes against humanity and war by using banned tactical nuclear bombs and chemical weapons 1,532 times.

84 guerrillas fell as martyrs

During this historical resistance period, 84 of our comrades fell as martyrs.

The balance sheet of the war between 14 April and 14 August is as follows:

Actions taken by our forces

– The Air Defense Forces carried out 1,454 actions in the style of ambush, infiltration, raid, sabotage, assassination, heavy weapons, coordinated guerrilla and revolutionary operations.

As a result of the actions taken by our forces:

– A total of 1,871 invaders, 11 of them contra and 9 of them rank, were killed.

– 261 Invaders were injured.

As far as our forces can detect, the Media Defense Areas, especially the Resistance Areas were:

-bombed by warplanes 2,950 times.

-bombed 2,528 times by attack helicopters.

The war tunnels and positions of our forces were bombed 1,532 times by tactical nuclear bombs and chemical weapons.

Weapons and military equipment seized by our forces:

– 8 MPT-55 Infantry Rifles

– 1 MPT-66 Infantry Rifle

– 2 M-16 Rifles

– 4 AK-47 Infantry Rifles

– 2 HK-416 Infantry Rifles

– 3 G-3 Rifles

– 4 Guns

– 1 BKC Weapon

– 1 B-7 Rocket Launcher

– 3 Grenade Launcher weapons

– 4 Grenade Launcher Shells

– 18 Grenades and Lots of Smoke Grenades

– 4 Assault (Steel) Vests

– 4 Steel shields

– 2 Rexts

– 9 Magazines

– 1 Thermal Camera

– 1 Thermal Binoculars

– 1 Laser Binoculars

– 2 Laser Pointers

– 2 Infrared Weapon Apparatus

– 7 Day-Night Binoculars

– 24 Kg Explosive

– 4 Mines

– 1 Mine Blasting Device

– 1 Mine Detector

– 848 M-16 and BKC shells

– 3 Radios

– 6 Cell Phones

– 1 Pointer

– 1 Solar Panel

– 1 Compass

– 4 Blades (Kasatura)

– 1 Energy Source

– 6 Military Bags

– 2 Military Hats

– 2 Helmets

– 8 Flashlights

– 4 Mobesse Camera System

– 3 Head Camera

– 2 UPS Energy Converters

Military equipment and vehicles destroyed by our forces:

– 3 Attack Helicopters

– 3 Sikorsky Helicopters

– 2 Tanks

– 10 Armored Military Vehicles

– 2 Bucket Trucks

– 2 BKC Weapons

– 5 A4 Guns

– 3 Signal Jammer Devices

– 7 Radars

– 32 Drones

– 5 Thermal Cameras

– 2 Telescopes

– 32 Mobesse Camera System

– 2 Audio Listening Devices

– 1 Camera Trap

– 1 Container

– 2 Mine Armaments

– 2 Motion Sensors

– 1 Camellia

– 22 Military Tent

– 63 Positions

Military vehicles hit by our forces:

– 28 Attack Helicopters

– 34 Sikorsky Helicopters

– 9 Drones

– 3 Armored Military Vehicles

– 16 Positions

– 6 Buckets”