HPG publishes monthly balance sheet of war

According to the monthly balance sheet of war published by HPG, guerrillas carried out 95 actions and at least 71 soldiers were killed and large quantities of military equipment were destroyed or confiscated.

The press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) released balance sheet of war for one month from August 24 to September 23. Accordingly, guerrillas carried out 95 actions against the Turkish army during the mentioned period of time and 71 soldiers were killed. On the other hand, 34 guerrillas lost their lives. 28 of them were killed in battles and airstrikes, six by chemical weapons. Seven other fighters who were ambushed by the KDP are missing.

The HPG's monthly balance includes the following:

"During the past month, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has been fighting non-stop from the Medya Defense Zones to Northern Kurdistan. The formidable resistance of our forces against the invasion operation launched on the night of April 23 is now entering its sixth month.

Chemical weapons used 157 times

Our guerrilla forces stopped the Turkish army and prevented them from achieving their goals. The Turkish army was stuck and used chemical weapons on a massive scale. In doing so, it trampled on laws of war and international law. Six of our comrades in the Girê Sor resistance area were martyred by chemical weapons attacks. The Turkish army used chemical weapons 157 times in one month alone, but was still unsuccessful. The fascist Turkish state still continues to use chemical weapons recklessly, encouraged by the silence of the public, international institutions and organizations.

Our companions who are fighting in the resistance areas of Zendûra, Girê Sor and Werxelê are resisting with their Apoist commitment, determination, sacrifice and courage. Without this conviction and the unbreakable bond with freedom, such resistance against this unproportionate aggression of the enemy and these most severe conditions would not be possible. The freedom guerrillas of Kurdistan have shown once again with their war performance that they are a force of victory.

The monthly balance of the war in Northern Kurdistan and the Medya Defense Zones is as follows:

Actions of our forces

1 assault

2 infiltrations into enemy positions

7 coordinated guerrilla actions

8 actions in which helicopters or armored vehicles were damaged

11 sabotage actions

13 actions with heavy weapons

The occupation forces that tried to advance to the guerrilla war tunnels and positions were stopped by our forces through effective strikes 53 times.

In total, 95 actions were carried out by the guerrillas.

Results of the actions

71 soldiers, among them four contras, were killed

13 members of the occupation forces were injured

Fallen fighters of HPG and YJA-Star

28 of our comrades fell in fighting and air strikes

6 of our comrades were killed by chemical weapons.

7 of our comrades were treacherously ambushed by the KDP in Xelîfan. Their fate is unknown.

Attacks by the Turkish army

The Turkish army used chemical weapons 157 times against our positions and tunnels.

Sezai Güngör, a professional soldier of the Turkish army, was shot dead by Turkish soldiers.

Damaged vehicles of the enemy

A large excavator

1 military vehicle

3 attack helicopters

Destroyed military equipment

One grenade launcher weapon

One surveillance camera

One drone

One large excavator

One armored troop carrier

Two armored military vehicles

Seized material

Large quantities of explosives"