HPG releases monthly balance: 85 Turkish soldiers killed

HPG Press Centre announced that 85 Turkish soldiers were killed during the past one month as part of the Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaigns launched against the Turkish occupation.

The People's Defence Forces (HPG) Press Centre has released the monthly balance sheet of the Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaigns. According to the balance sheet, 85 invaders were killed and 19 more were injured. Seven guerrillas who took part in the campaigns were martyred.

Guerrilla forces carried out a total of 60 countermoves against the Turkish army during which 2 military vehicles and 6 attack helicopters were damaged.

The HPG also announced that the invading Turkish army used chemical weapons against the guerrilla forces 65 times.

The HPG's statement is as follows:

“The large-scale invasion operation launched on April 23, 2021 by the fascist Turkish state against the Zap, Avaşîn and Metina areas has reached its 122th day. The Cenga Xabûr and Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaigns have been launched by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla to respond to the Turkish invasion. Enriched with the warfare tactics of new era, our Freedom Guerrilla has brought innovation to the peoples' resistance by mounting uninterrupted resistance for 122 days and proved once again that our honourable struggle will be crowned with victory.

The Apoist militant will, which reached its peak during the Garê Resistance, turned into a tradition in Mamreşo, and currently marks its fourth month in the Werxelê and Girê Sor Resistance Areas, heralding victory. Large-scale and successful actions that took place in Northern Kurdistan against the invading Turkish army have led to a process during which our guerrillas have dealt serious blows to the invaders in every area.


Through its extensive attacks, the fascist Turkish state aims to eliminate the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle, which it considers the main obstacle to its colonial ambitions. Our guerrillas who represent the idea of ‘Free Kurd and Kurdistan’ introduced by leader Abdullah Öcalan, have been putting up historic resistance against these annihilation attacks in a self-sacrificing manner. This historical resistance that was started in Mamreşo and developed by our forces with new tactics in Mervanos, Cîloya Biçûk and Zendura, has transformed Girê Sor and Werxelê into great resistance areas of our struggle. The 122-day resistance during which the invaders remained helpless against our guerrillas and could not even advance despite all its technical capacity, has become the reflection of the determined, unshakable and unwavering stance of the Kurdistan Freedom guerrilla. The invading Turkish state, which was not able to defeat the guerrilla resistance and received major blows, resorted to war crimes as always by using inhumane methods. The invaders, who used chemicals weapons and poisonous gases myriad times against the resistance areas, could not achieve its desired objectives thanks to the measures taken by our professional guerrilla. Currently, as a result of the relentless resistance and successful actions carried out by our guerrillas in Avaşîn, Zap, Metîna, Heftanîn and Xakûrkê areas, the invading Turkish army has come apart at the seams.

The 4-month historic resistance of our guerrilla under the leadership of our holy martyrs has grown professional by reinventing itself, and has demonstrated its success with the spirit of the ‘August 15 Initiative’ introduced by our immortal commander Agît by bringing our Freedom Struggle one step closer to victory. Furthermore, our Free Women’s Troops (YJA Star) were at the forefront of the battle positions and carried out many successful actions as part of the revolutionary moves. The leading role of the Free Woman forged by the leader Apo’s (Abdullah Öcalan) philosophy was strongly reflected in battle practice as part of the revolutionary moves.

The 122-day historic resistance of our guerrillas in the areas of Zap, Avaşîn, Metîna, Heftanîn and Xakurkê in a self-sacrificing spirit has showed that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla is strong enough to resist all kinds of attacks against our people and our lands, and to realize the ideal of Free Leadership and Free Country, which is the longing of our people and the objective of our holy martyrs.

The one-month balance sheet of war as part of the Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Moves is as follows:

Actions carried out by our forces:

– 10 Coordinated Guerrilla Actions

– 13 Strike-Damege Actions

– 7 Targeted Actions

– 13 Sabotage Actions

– 15 Artillery Actions

– 1 Raid Action

– 1 Offensive Action

– A total of 60 guerrilla actions were carried out.

As a result of the actions carried out by our forces:

– 85 invaders were killed.

– 19 invaders were injured.

Our comrades who fell as martyrs:

– 7 of our comrades were martyred.

Attacks carried out by the invading Turkish army:

– The invading Turkish army, which received serious losses as a result of the guerrilla resistance and could not achieve any results, bombed the Medya Defense Zones every day from land and air.

– The Turkish army used chemical and poisonous gases 65 times

Enemy vehicles hit by our forces:

– 2 military vehicles

– 6 Attack helicopters

Military equipment destroyed by our forces:

– 2 Hedgehog-type armoured military vehicles

– 1 Grenade Launcher and its position

– 1 A4 Weapon and its position

– 2 Drones

– 7 Surveillance Cameras

Military equipment captured from the enemy by our forces:

– 1 BKC Weapon

– 1 Drone

– 200 kg of explosives”