HPG releases names of four fallen guerrilla fighters

The HPG has released the names of four guerrilla fighters martyred in the Medya Defense Zones in 2015.

On July 25, 2015, guerrilla fighters Mervan Efrîn (Abdullah Mustafa Muhammed), Serhat Ararat (Aykut Alptekin), Mazlûm Viyan (Celal Kutluk) and Zerdeşt Kemal (Abdullah Mustafa Bozan) were martyred. The press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) released the personal details of the martyrs and said that they could only now be determined for sure. Accordingly, the four fighters fell in the course of the massive attacks with which the Turkish state wanted to bring the Kurdish people to their knees, the HPG said.

Nom de Guerre: Mervan Efrîn

First-Last Name: Abdullah Mustafa Muhammed

Birthplace: Aleppo

Names of Mother and Father: Gulê – Şevket

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 25. July 2015 / Medya Defense Zones

Nom de Guerre: Serhat Ararat

First-Last Name: Aykut Alptekin

Birthplace: Ağrı

Names of Mother and Father: Ayşe – Ali

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 25. July 2015 / Medya Defense Zones

Nom de Guerre: Mazlûm Viyan

First-Last Name: Celal Kutluk

Birthplace: Gever

Names of Mother and Father: Maşallah – Cemal

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 25. July 2015 / Medya Defense Zones

Nom de Guerre: Zerdeşt Kemal

First-Last Name: Abdullah Mustafa Bozan

Birthplace: Kobanê

Names of Mother and Father: Emine Reş – Mustafa

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 25. July 2015 / Medya Defense Zones

Mervan Efrîn: From Aleppo to the mountains

The press center of HPG said the following about Mervan Efrîn: "Our companion Mervan was born in Aleppo and in view of the assimilation, denial and annihilation policy in all four parts of Kurdistan and his education, he came to the awareness that the freedom of our people can only be achieved through the guerrilla struggle. He got to know and was impressed by the freedom guerrilla under difficult circumstances. In 2012, he joined the guerrillas. He quickly integrated himself into guerrilla life and participated with great selflessness. Our friend, who showed his comradery love and worker personality in every practical work, became a commander in a short time, fulfilling his duties with great success."

Serhat Ararat: "He leaves a legacy of resistance to the youth"

Serhat Ararat was born into a patriotic working-class family in Ağrı. He grew up with the insurgent tradition of the Serhat region and became acquainted with the Kurdish liberation movement at a young age. While he studied at the university, he began to actively oppose the system of assimilation policies, and became involved in the youth movement at a leading level. HPG wrote about him: "He fell into captivity of the Turkish colonial state. There his determination and will to fight grew and he continued it in the free mountains of Kurdistan after his release. In the face of all the attacks on the Kurdish youth, he showed the attitude of a revolutionary militant, leaving a legacy of resistance to the youth of Kurdistan. His struggle will live on in our march to revolution."

Mazlûm Viyan: A militant from Gever

Mazlûm Viyan was born into a patriotic family in Gever (Yüksekova) and grew up in an environment traditionally deeply influenced by the Kurdistan freedom struggle. Thus, he became acquainted with the guerrillas at an early age. This had a profound influence on the rest of his life. In 2013, he joined the guerrillas. HPG said, "Mazlûm was passionately attached to the line of comradeship. He read constantly, developed himself, became a commander and was able to contribute great things to the struggle. He was deeply angry with the assimilation policy of the system and gave the necessary answer to the invading forces with his guerrilla practice. He takes an honorable place among our martyrs and leaves a militant legacy to his comrades."

Zerdeşt Kemal: "A life of fighting for life"

Zerdeşt Kemal was born in Kobanê, the stronghold of the resistance of the Rojava revolution. He grew up in a family that had already made sacrifices in the Kurdish struggle for freedom. When he was a child, his father died and he had to earn a living for his family. "He always fought against the merciless policies directed against our people and joined the guerrillas to liberate all four parts of Kurdistan. He saw that the philosophy of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) is the only way to liberate our and all oppressed peoples. He fought without rest until the day he fell. The memory of our comrade, who won great love and respect among his friends with his hardworking and humble personality, will always live on in our struggle," the HPG said.

"They are a reason for us to keep fighting"

The HPG statement concluded, "We extend our condolences to the patriotic people of Kurdistan, especially to the precious families of comrades Mervan, Serhat, Mazlûm and Zerdeşt. They are a milestone for our struggle and until the victory of the Kurdistan Freedom Revolution, a reason to fight even more."