HPG releases statement about missing group of guerrillas

The HPG issued a statement about a guerrilla group with which contact was lost. "According to the information we received from local people, the forces affiliated with the KDP surrounded the group and attacked it. Some of our friends fell martyrs."

The HPG Press Center issued a statement about a group of guerrillas with which it had lost contact.

The statement said: "Since 26 July, when our small guerrilla group, which was on duty to go from one place to another, reached the vicinity of Xelîfan, their relations with us were cut off.

According to the information we received from the local people, KDP-affiliated forces had learned the location of our group after a tip-off, and surrounded our comrades. Local people said that the area in question was surrounded by KDP forces and entrances and exits were prohibited. No other information can be obtained.”

The statement continued: “It is understood from the statements made by some KDP officials through the press on the same dates that an incident took place in the Xelîfan district. We are seriously concerned about the fate of our comrades. There is no justification for besieging and attacking a group just passing by in this way. This is unacceptable. It is understood that an attitude completely subjected to the enemies of the people of Kurdistan has been held.

We expect the KDP group to provide accurate, credible and reliable information. At this critical stage in history, we invite all of our people to be sensitive to this aggression, which may cause serious harm to the national interests of the Kurdish people, and all relevant political circles to take responsibility in terms of their national duties."