HPG reports continued chemical attacks in guerrilla areas

Guerrilla armies HPG and YJA Star confront the invasion campaign launched by the Turkish state in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

In its daily statement about the ongoing war in Southern Kurdistan, the Press Centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) reported continued attacks by the Turkish army and actions by guerrillas.

According to the HPG statement, a soldier of the Turkish army was killed in a guerrilla action carried out with heavy weapons in Çemço. Çemço is located in Sheladize town in Amadiya district. Two other guerrilla actions with heavy weapons were carried out in the same region near the village of Sîda.

HPG reported that the Turkish army used chemical weapons against a guerrilla position in Çemço on Saturday. In addition, the areas of Çemço, Sîda, Girê Amêdî and Girê FM were attacked dozens of times with howitzers, tanks and heavy weapons.