HPG reports heavy losses for the Turkish army in Heftanin

HPG published a current balance of the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish military invasion in Heftanin. Accordingly, at least 20 soldiers were killed in the latest actions and clashes.

The People's Defense Forces (Hêzên Parastina Gel, HPG) published a blance sheet on the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish military invasion in the guerrilla-held area of Heftanin in South Kurdistan, which was extended last Wednesday. The overview of the "Battle of Heftanin Revolutionary Offensive" published by the HPG Press Office says the following:

"On June 18, Turkish occupation troops became the target of our forces while trying to invade the area around the Hill Şehîd Adar. The enemy units were effectively hit and had to retreat. In response to the losses, the combat zone was bombed by war planes and helicopters in the late evening hours.

Sabotage actions

On the same day, our forces carried out effective sabotage actions against the occupation forces trying to advance towards Hill Adar and Hill Şehîd Sîpan. Around 22.20, guerrillas hit a Turkish helicopter airdropping soldiers on Hill Qesrokê and forced it to retreat from the area. Another helicopter approaching towards the area of Dola Mazî was also struck effectively and forced to retreat.

On the night of June 19, our units in the Bektorya region targeted a transport helicopter attempting to airdrop enemy soldiers on Hill Kartal. Here, too, the effective strikes of our forces forced the helicopter to retreat.

At 10.45 a.m. an effective action took place in the Partîzan region against units of the occupation forces advancing from Hill Şehîd Hamza towards the Qesrokê area. The fighting in this combat zone as well as the bombing continues, more detailed information will be published as soon as it is available.

Over 20 soldiers killed

At least 20 enemy soldiers were killed in the course of the above-mentioned actions, and others were injured. In clashes at Hill Dupişk our comrades Agit and Mazlum fell as martyrs. The areas of Partizan, Qesrokê, Xantur, Gelîyê Pisaxa and the Şehîd-Canşer hill have been continuously bombed since Thursday evening."

Air attacks in other areas of Southern Kurdistan

The HPG also reported about further Turkish air attacks in the Medya Defence Zones, which affected regions outside of Heftanin. Accordingly, fighter jets attacked the village of Beşirî in Metina region several times yesterday between 11 am and 5 pm. Around 11 p.m. air strikes started against the Kanî Sarkê area in the Gare region, which lasted almost non-stop until 2.30 a.m. Thursday night. There were no losses for the HPG.

Guerrilla actions in North Kurdistan

Guerrillas also hit Turkish soldiers in the countryside of Hakkari province in North Kurdistan.

On June 18, guerrillas targeted the Turkish military twice in the Çukurca district. Guerrillas first hit the Girê outpost and struck several positions and shelters of the Turkish forces here. The number of casualties couldn’t be clarified.

Guerrillas also hit the positions of Turkish forces on Hill Koordine. The hill, which is located at the border to Southern Kurdistan, is one of the headquarters of the Turkish army in the region and is an important coordination centre of the attacks on the guerrilla areas. The number of losses in the ranks of the Turkish army couldn’t be determined.