HPG reports Turkish and Iranian attacks on guerrilla areas in Iraq

Both the Turkish and Iranian armies continue attacks on guerrilla areas in Southern Kurdistan, with the KDP providing support. The guerrilla armies HPG and YJA Star continue to resist.

The press centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) has issued a statement on the war in Kurdistan. According to the statement, the Iranian army has continued its attacks on Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), which have been going on for more than a week, and artillery shells hit guerrilla areas in the Xakurke region on Friday. Regarding the attacks of the Turkish army, the HPG said that the Turkish army is using prohibited weapons with increasing violence every day and is benefiting from modern weapons technology from NATO. Nevertheless, the guerrillas continue to resist.

The HPG gave the following information on the guerrilla actions, the Turkish and Iranian attacks and the support of Turkey by South Kurdistan’s ruling party, the KDP, which is dominated by the Barzani clan:

Guerrilla actions in Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna

In Çemço in the Zap region, guerrillas carried out a total of three actions of sabotage against Turkish troops on Thursday and Friday, killing one soldier. In Şukê in Avaşîn, mobile guerrilla groups struck an enemy unit from close range on Thursday, leaving three soldiers dead, one seriously injured. At the same time, an observation post was also struck by guerrillas and the soldiers stationed there fled. At Girê Cûdî in Metîna, a mobile guerrilla unit prevented an airborne operation by firing on a transport helicopter on Friday. The Sikorsky aircraft was hit and had to turn around without being able to drop troops in the area.

Attacks by the Turkish army

According to the HPG, the Turkish army used prohibited weapons in 19 attacks on Friday, affecting guerrilla positions in the Girê Amêdî, Saca, Sîda and Çemço areas. Areas in Metîna, Xakurke and Zap were bombed seven times by fighter jets, and 36 other airstrikes were carried out by attack helicopters. Girê FM and Çemço were also attacked dozens of times with howitzers, tanks and heavy weapons. In Karker in the Zap region, the Turkish army tried to demolish guerrilla positions with construction equipment.

Attacks by the Iranian army

The Iranian army attacked the Girê Berbizinê and Goşînê areas in Xakurke with howitzers and mortars on Friday. Iran is currently carrying out massive attacks on Kurdish opposition parties in Southern Kurdistan. On Wednesday, 14 people were killed and 58 others injured in drone and rocket attacks in the greater area of Hewlêr and Sulaymaniyah. As the HPG had already announced on Friday, three rockets also hit the Qandil region in the course of this wave of attacks.

KDP builds roads and positions for the Turkish state

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has been building military roads for the Turkish state in the Girê Amêdî area in Metîna for some time. According to HPG information, the road construction is continuing, and the KDP also began building positions for the Turkish army on Friday.