HPG: Turkish army continues to commit war crimes

According to HPG, the Turkish army has used unconventional bombs against guerrilla positions in Southern Kurdistan.

In its daily overview of the war in Kurdistan, the Press Centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) reported that Turkey continues to commit war crimes in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

"The Turkish occupation army has attacked the guerrillas' resistance positions twice with banned high-impact bombs, as well as bombardments by fighter jets five times and with howitzer shells and heavy weapons dozens of times."

According to the HPG statement, the attacks with unconventional bombs on Wednesday took place in the Çemço area and near the village of Sîda in the Sheladize town in Amadiya district. The airstrikes were directed against the areas of Kanîsarkê and Deriyê Hirçê as well as around the villages of Gundê Mêranê and Gundê Şiyê in Gare, the area of Girê Berbizinê in Xakurke and the resistance area of Girê Cûdî. The areas of Girê FM, Girê Amêdî, Çemço and Sîda were attacked with howitzers and heavy weapons.