HPG vows to avenge civilians killed by Turkish attacks

The HPG drew attention to the fact that Turkey wants to occupy the whole of Southern Kurdistan and is deliberately attacking civilians. The HPG announced retaliation for the civilians killed on Friday.

The Press Office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) published a statement on the Turkish occupation operation in Southern Kurdistan and the attacks on the civilian population. The statement says the following:

"The invading Turkish state has started an occupation operation on 16 June on a large scale on the territory of Southern Kurdistan with a focus on the region of Heftanin and continues its attacks with all technical means without interruption. Our forces are mounting historic resistance in Heftanin and are dealing hard blows to the occupants. The fascist-colonialist Turkish state tries to extend the scope of the operation and is also attacking our people in Southern Kurdistan."

Heftanin is only one part of the occupation plan

"The occupation operation is only directed against the PKK but covers the whole territory of South Kurdistan. The Turkish state has already killed many from the civilian population in a targeted and planned manner several times. On June 19, an attack on the village of Sida in the Zap region killed four civilians and another civilian in the village of Golka in Metina. In Sida, the occupying forces used drone support to bomb civilian vehicles. At the time, hundreds of civilians were in the region. That the fascist Turkish state is carrying out such an attack shows once again its dirty plans and its true murderer face.

The Turkish state is thus openly demonstrating that its attacks are not just for the purpose of taking Heftanin. The operation in Heftanin is only a part of the plan to occupy the whole South Kurdistan and make it a colony."

HPG will not allow an occupation

"The people of Southrn Kurdistan should know that the HPG as the vanguard forces of the PKK will not allow the Turkish state to occupy South Kurdistan. Our forces will lead a strategic struggle in Heftanin and many other areas. Durng this period of fierce battle, the guerrilla will mount historic resistance, inflict historic blows on the invaders and achieve a historic victory."

The HPG called on the people of Southern Kurdistan to protest against the Turkish occupation. The HPG expressed their condolences to the relatives of Emin Saleh Hesen, Deman Omer Îsmaîl, Newzat Mustafa Îsmaîl, Azad Mehdî and Muxlîs Adem who died in the attacks on Friday, as well as to the population of the region and the patriotic people of Kurdistan.

The HPG ended its statement by vowing to avenge the fallen civilians most fiercely.