HSM publishes balance sheet of war for 2023

According to the balance sheet of the HSM Headquarters Command, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas carried out a total of 1712 actions, killing 928 soldiers. The Turkish invaders attacked 2969 times, including with chemical weapons and banned bombs.

The People's Defense Center (HSM) Headquarters Command announced the balance sheet of war for 2023, stating that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla made 2023 a year of great resistance with historic epics.

The HSM statement on Friday includes the following:

The colonialist genocidal Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP regime aimed to finalize the genocide policy against the Kurdish people in 2023, the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic, and to enter the second century by completely liquidating Kurds and Kurdishness. In order to achieve this goal, within the framework of the "Decomposition Plan" since 2015, it has done everything in its power by mobilizing all the means at its disposal, war techniques and the support it has received from NATO, openly massacring our people, developing open genocide practices and committing countless war crimes. At the same time, in the last 9 years, it has claimed that it would liquidate the guerrilla by escalating the special and psychological warfare to the highest level, giving new numbers about our forces every year, telling lie after lie. For this purpose, the Turkish state, which has been in an uninterrupted attack in every province of North Kurdistan and the Medya Defense Zones, entered 2023 on this basis.

February 6 earthquake and the process of inaction

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, on the other hand, resisted these attacks, which exceeded the violence, duration and casualties of wars between states, with an Apoist sacrificial spirit and great revolutionary determination, and left its mark on history by exhibiting epic examples of resistance. The guerrilla welcomed the year 2023 with devotion to the Leader and martyrs, with great determination, belief in victory, clarity in tactics and locked on its goal. A major earthquake centered in Pazarcık, Maraş occurred on February 6, 2023, at a time when the guerrilla was planning and completing its preparations for comprehensive revolutionary operations against the occupying Turkish army.

In a process where tens of thousands of our people lost their lives, where they fought for their lives under the rubble for days, where the fascist AKP-MHP regime left our people alone with death, where millions of people were left homeless in harsh winter conditions, the leadership of our movement, the Co-Presidency of the KCK Executive Council, called for all our forces to adopt a position of inaction on February 9, 2023. Our People's Defense Forces took a position of inaction in accordance with this decision and perspective. However, the fascist AKP-MHP regime perceived this moral and humanitarian decision of our movement as an opportunity and weakness, insisted on the war policy instead of coming to the aid of earthquake victims, and continued its attacks in all areas, especially against our forces in North Kurdistan and Medya Defense Zones. A total of 32 of our companions were martyred in these attacks, despite being in a position of inaction. After June 13th, the period of inaction, which had become completely meaningless and had no practical effect, came to an end.

Turkey attempted to invade South Kurdistan with KDP support

The elimination of the Turkish army's attacks in 2021 and 2022 with the new tactical expansion developed by the guerrilla, the failure of the invasion plans to achieve their goals and the enemy's blockage in the tactical field led to the fascist regime losing its legitimacy to a great extent and weakening. Therefore, the fascist regime, which had difficulty in developing the 2023 attack concept against the Kurdish people, tried to get support from the collaborator Kurdish line and foreign powers by making available and bargaining all the means of Turkey. On this basis, it launched an invasion attack on the Kurojahro area of Zap on July 14, on the Girê Ortê area of Metîna on July 19 with the overt support and cooperation of the KDP, and on the Girê Cûdî area of Şehîd Delîl West Zap on July 20. However, they could not realize their invasion plans here, and almost every day they received blow after blow from the guerrillas and suffered losses. In order to overcome this failure and blockage, the occupying army dismissed the command of the invasion operation, made new appointments and tried to spread the invasion attack from Girê Amediyê line to Metîna on September 9. As of October 7, it took another step in the invasion attack by settling in strategic places and depths of the Barzan region where our forces were not present. This step taken by the Turkish Republic has shown that its main concern is to occupy all of South Kurdistan, and the fact that the guerrilla presence is only a pretext. The KDP, on the other hand, has openly supported all these attacks, cooperated with the enemy, and in this process, has taken its partnership to a higher level.

The Apoist sacrificial spirit in Ankara

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas fought against the enemy attacks throughout the year with Yaşar Botans in Dêrsîm; Leyla Sorxwîn Amed, Rojbîn Dêrsîm, Mîrza Bargiran and Bengin Barmanîs in Botan; Hêjar Zozan, Şoreş and Deyndars in Serhed; Canşêr Maku, Destan Botan and Gülbahar Mercans in Mardin; Alîşêr İntikams in Cilo; Xemgîn Serhat, Axîn Mûş and Dilgeş Gûzereşîs in Amed; Rêdûr Sîser and Ardem Ararats in Garzan, who were martyred in historic resistance epics and made 2023 a year of great resistance in North Kurdistan. In the Medya Defense Zones, Sinan Dijwar, Asya Kanîreş, Nûdem Sîdar, Rojhat Hebeş, Herekol Botan, Devrim Garzan and Doğa Viyanlar led the freedom struggle with heroic resistance. On October 1, 2023, comrades Rojhat Zîlan and Erdal Şahin, the fedayeens of our Battalion of Immortals, carried out a historic action in the very heart of Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey, shaking the fascist AKP-MHP regime and destroying all the lies of the special war front, showing once again to friend and foe what the Apoist sacrificial guerrilla is capable of. Comrades Rojhat and Erdal made a very historic debut by carrying the Apoist fedayeen spirit to the top in Ankara, went down in the history of struggle as exemplary and symbolic pioneers of the period and left their mark on the process as Zîlan's successors.

2023 has shown that the Turkish state is doomed to defeat

The historic action of comrades Rojhat and Erdal not only gave everyone great morale, will, strength and determination to fight, but also increased the action performance and determination of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, and our forces demonstrated a very serious level of war in October. As the winter period began, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla carried out successful revolutionary operations in Zap, Xakurkê and Metîna in November and December in order to practice the new era of guerrilla struggle in every season and everywhere, regardless of summer or winter. The effective actions that continued uninterruptedly throughout the year, these revolutionary operations and the war performance exhibited during the winter period not only showed the correctness of the Revolutionary Strategy and period tactics we implemented under the leadership of Andok, Ciwan, Egîd, Welat, Memyan and Helmet, but also showed that the Turkish state was doomed to defeat.

Of course, it was not easy to bring about these results and to render the enemy inconclusive, which happened thanks to the heroic martyrdom of the most valuable and valiant sons and daughters of our people. In the struggle of 2023, 179 of our comrades were martyred, 75 in North Kurdistan and 104 in the Medya Defense Zones. The martyrdom of each of our comrades, whose identity and martyrdom information became clear, was announced to our esteemed families of martyrs, our patriotic people and the public.

The balance sheet of the 2023 war, which the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla developed with the Apoist sacrificial spirit, disrupted and failed enemy plans, and once again demonstrated that it is the invincible power and hope of freedom, is as follows:

Attacks by the Turkish army

Attacks by fighter jets: 1580

Attacks with prohibited explosives and chemical weapons: 1038

Attacks by drones laden with explosives: 342

Attacks with tactical nuclear bombs: 9

Our comrades martyred and taken captive

Our comrades martyred:179

Our comrades taken captive by the enemy: 2

Actions by the guerrillas

Ambush: 4

Assault: 6

Revolutionary operations: 6

Infiltration: 7

Coordinated Guerrilla Action: 31

Sabotage: 39

Assassination: 246

Actions with heavy weaponry: 766

Clash-strike-intervention: 607

Total guerrilla actions carried out: 1712

Enemy casualties

Number of occupiers killed: 919

Number of high rankings killed: 7

Number of counter-guerrilla members killed: 2

Number of occupiers injured: 128