HSM says Turkish army uses new chemical weapons, calls for urgent action

HSM Headquarters Command denounced the use of new types of chemical weapons by the Turkish army in Kurdistan and called on the international community to act urgently.

People’s Defense Center (HSM) Headquarters Command/Kurdistan released a statement on Turkey’s use of chemical weapons in violation of international law. HSM reported use of new types of chemical weapons by the Turkish army and called on the international community to act urgently.

The statement published on Wednesday includes the following:

"The Turkish colonial state is violating international law of war and committing crimes against humanity with its war in Kurdistan. The Kurdistan Freedom Forces, who want nothing but to achieve the natural and legitimate rights for the Kurdish people, are defamed as 'terrorists'. The AKP/MHP regime uses every means against our people and their freedom movement and ruthlessly applies state terrorism as a method. The Turkish state pursues a policy of genocide in Kurdistan and a policy of total isolation and psychological torture on Imrali. Both violate international law as well as any morality.

“The AKP-MHP regime wants to achieve results by using internationally banned weapons”

Although the Turkish army is using the most advanced technology and all its weapons against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, it is stuck in the face of guerrilla resistance. The fascist AKP/MHP regime wants to achieve results by using chemical weapons, which are banned under international law.

The use of poison gas has already been documented in the attacks on the Gare region of South Kurdistan between February 10 and 14, 2021. The invasion against the regions of Avaşîn, Zap and Metîna in South Kurdistan has now lasted 159 days. A non-stop war has been going on there for 159 days. The Turkish state and the Turkish press persistently conceal this from the public. So far, the Turkish army has used poison gas very often in this war. Chemical weapons were used especially in the resistance areas of Zendûra in Metîna and Girê Sor in Avaşîn. This shows the situation very clearly. Now attempts are being made to break through the Werxelê front by using large quantities of chemical weapons on a daily basis.

"New types of chemical weapons have been used for two weeks"

There is no doubt that this is a violation of the international law of war and therefore a war crime. However, states like the USA or those of the EU, which have put the PKK on the terror list, are accomplices in this crime. NATO countries, which support the racist Turkish state and provide all kinds of technical support, are also complicit in this crime. The Turkish military has used a new type of chemical agent, especially in the last 15 days. This new chemical weapon was certainly supplied from one of these states. The forces that are doing this and encouraging the fascist AKP/MHP regime by their silence are partly responsible for the crimes against humanity that are being committed in Kurdistan today.

"To all states"

The Kurdish people are one of the ancient peoples in this region. There is nothing more legitimate than wanting to live freely with their own culture in this country. Stop supporting the racist and genocidal policies of the Turkish state against our people and their freedom movement. Do not be accomplices in this crime! Do not encourage the fascist Erdoğan-Bahçeli regime, which systematically commits crimes against the people with its massacres and use of chemical weapons!

"Our appeal to all democratic forces that support human rights"

We call upon all international organizations, all democratic forces, all civil society institutions and human rights defenders, especially the UN, which has always closed its ears to the cries for help of the Kurdish people, to finally say 'stop' to this war of the Turkish state, which is trampling on all human values. Take a stand against this criminal war!

"To the patriotic Kurdish people and their democratic forces"

Do not remain silent on the genocidal war of the AKP/MHP regime. The regime has suffered defeat in the face of the revolutionary resistance of the Apoist guerrillas, who are fighting for the freedom of the peoples of the region for fraternity and a democratic future with the greatest sacrifice, and is trying to save itself through chemical weapons. We will fight with great determination in this immensely important resistance. We will resist to the end, whatever the price. We are determined to win. During the resistance that has been put up so far, great sacrifices have been made, friends have fallen and there have been losses. If it is not wanted that even heavier losses are suffered through the use of chemical weapons in this historic resistance, then immediate action must be taken. Throughout Kurdistan, our people must be able to show their strength and display a democratic reflex towards these inhumane methods of war. Especially patriotic and democratic institutions, youth, women, all our patriotic workers and all democratic forces in Turkey and the region should be able to take their responsibility in this regard.

"To our people abroad, the youth, women and internationalists"

It is a democratic duty and an expression of revolutionary solidarity to expose the crimes of the AKP/MHP regime and present them to the public. People must go before the international institutions and point out these crimes.

At this important stage of history, while we are selflessly fighting for freedom and paving the way for freedom and democracy, the racist regime is trying to prevent its defeat by using chemical weapons against us. This is a crime against humanity. Just as during the massacre in Dersim in 1938, a Turkish state official stated that "we killed them all by throwing rat poison into caves", they are doing the same cruel way today.

We call on all national and international democratic organizations and human rights defenders to stand against the crimes of the Turkish colonial regime and fulfill their duty to their conscience, humanity and international law."