Human shields in Bradost: KRG serves the enemy

Human shield activists condemned the massacre of civilians by the Turkish state in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Activists joining the human shield action in Bradost region against the Turkish state’s intensified invasion operations against South Kurdistan, made a statement to the press about the Turkish air raid that killed three civilians and wounded five others in Kortek region of Qandil on Thursday.

On behalf of the activists, the statement was read by Hêdi Remazan who said the following; “The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) stance toward the Turkish attacks has been made clear. In their statement, they openly blamed the PKK and voiced support to the Turkish state’s invasion.”

The statement continued; “Everyone knows that PKK guerrillas are our brothers and sisters. We also know very well who the Kurdistan Regional Government are. The government behaves like a mafia group and serves the enemy. By remaining silent on attacks, they approve the invasion.”

Remarking that Kortek massacre was deliberate, Hêdi Remazan said; “Everyone knew that the car bombed by Turkish jets was civil. The Turkish state targets not the PKK but the Kurdish people. The Turkish state massacres Kurds wherever they are.”

Remezan added; “We, human shield activists, condemn the traitors. We call upon all Kurdish youth, those in Bashur (South Kurdistan) in the first place, to join the human shield action.”