In memory of 4 freedom fighters...

In memory of guerrillas Peyman Axin, Zenda Destina, Serdar Mordem and Rezan Tendürek.

In memory of Peyman Axin, Zenda Destina, Serdar Mordem and Rezan Tendürek…

Today, the days of martyrdom filled a month. We always expected them to return. And then the expectation gave way to deep despair.

Your martyrdom honoured us, but saddened our hearts and strengthened our determination. However, we have never accepted your going like this. We could not accept your going aways so quietly and untimely, heval. Because you were 4 brave heroes.

Heval Peyman

Comrade Peyman was a self-sacrificing, courageous, unstoppable and revolutionary person. With her brown, long, braided hair and short stature, she worked like an atomic ant. When we see her sacrifice and shyness, heval Fuat's words "Being shy is a revolutionary feeling" comes to mind. You were a comrade and a militant of the tough days. Having great courage, self-confidence, your success has always been an example for us. You were kind-hearted and emotional at the same time. You were the up for labor in every moment and in every sense. You were the militant of every difficult process. You were companion of your comrades. Peyman ran a full guerrilla war from Geliye Pisaxa to Şeşdara, Şeşdara, Martyr Kendal and Xantur.

Her long and beautiful hair suits the height of these mountains like Xabur. Her smiles were colouring these lands of the most beautiful flower of spring. Her resistance always rebelled like a snowdrop flower, heralded freedom and was in love with resistance. Comrade Peyman fit a lot into guerrilla life and became one of the leading women in Cenga Heftanin. With this stance, you won the admiration of all of us. You will always be alive, woman who loves freedom mountains, always alive! Your testimony has created a lot as much as your life and your resistance. And you have been a big step towards the success in Cenga Heftanin Resistance. She was not only a fighter, but a vanguard of the honour resistance for all of us.

Heval Zenda

When Zenda Destina is called comrade, courage, sacrifice, loyalty to her people, leadership and martyrs come to the mind of all her friends. With her labor, she revealed her self-sacrificing personality in every moment of life. As the successor of Beritan Şemzinan, Berçem Cilolar and Axin Meşkan, you struggle in every moment of your life. The daughter of the Zagros has long carried out guerrilla activities in Zagros, Şemzinan, Xakurkê and Zerzan. She participated in many wars and resistances in these areas. She gained experience of life, war and struggle. She became an Apoist [Ocalan’s follower], revolutionary and free female resister. In the spring of 2019 she came to the Heftanin field and participated in the resistance struggle in Cenga Heftanin.

On 8 August 2020, the enemy came to Pirbula with a network of betrayers called 'Dagger team'. Together with Comrade Zenda, Peyman and Serdar, guerrillas dealt a fatal blow to the enemy in Geliye Pirbula. They fought without a break. While trying to retreat on 10 August, these 3 comrades joined the caravan of the heroic martyrs following a great resistance, they fell under an air attack.

Comrade Zenda, you are the woman who enthroned our hearts with your love and share your dreams with the stars. You have sown your courage and determination in every tree, every flower root and soil in Heftanin. That's why we don't say "goodbye" because you will bloom in these lands every spring when flowers and trees bloom. You have sown resistance in these lands and a caravan of resistance is marching behind you.

Heval Rezan and Heval Serdar

Comrades Rezan and Serdar, our courageous comrades, we could not see you, but we know about you.

You were militants like our commander Agit. You were fighters and gave your hearts to these mountains, your comrades and us. One of the things that hurt us is that in this angry war, dozens of friends came to the field and many of them fell martyrs, and we have not see or know them. The bloodsucking enemy did not give us this opportunity. But still it will not be able to diminish the spirituality and feeling of comradeship.

Farewell, comrades, for enlightening our way in this meaningless age with your pure heart ...