"In the end guerrillas will win!"

HPG guerrilla Kendal Amed said that they will win this war. YJA Star guerrilla Têkoşîn Feda said: "No one can touch our culture, language, land, identity and paradigm."

YJA Star guerrilla Têkoşîn Feda and HPG guerrilla Kendal Amed spoke to ANF on the occasion of the PKK's founding anniversary.

YJA Star guerrilla Têkoşîn Feda stated that great resistance and struggle was shown in Xakurkê, Zap, Avaşîn, Metîna and other areas, and added: “The will and determination to struggle in these battles is growing. Each of our comrades draws strength from Leader Apo's philosophy. Each of our comrades follows this philosophy to achieve victory. Thanks to the efforts of Leader Apo and our martyrs for this cause, we will win the war.”

Noting that the AKP-MHP government continues to lie and deceit everyone despite mobilizing all its means and resorting to all kinds of war crimes, Feda said: “The resistance and struggle currently being displayed is actually the answer to the isolation imposed on Leader Apo. Despite the isolation of Leader Apo, his ideology and philosophy have spread all over the world. No one can touch our culture, language, land, identity and paradigm.”

Guerrilla Amed: We will win in the end!

HPG guerrilla Kendal Amed stated that the founding date of the PKK is the date of a return to the roots, essence, language and culture of the human being, and added: "Leader Apo's path carries great meaning and value."

Noting that the Turkish army could not overcome the guerrilla's will and determination to fight despite all its NATO technologies in the ongoing war, guerrilla Amed said: "The enemy can attack with chemical weapons, but it will not yield any results. In the end, we will win this war. In fact, the biggest and strongest struggle and resistance is carried out in Imrali. We believe that we will crown this war with victory.”