Iran strikes Eastern Kurdistan Forces in Iraq

Iran’s attacks against military forces from Eastern Kurdistan (Northwestern Iran) stationed in northern Iraq continue increasingly.

Combat drones of the Iranian state have been shelling the regions of Bradost and Belekayeti in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) over the past five days.  

Speaking to RojNews, Iranian Communist Party (Union) Kurdistan Organizations Politbureau member Hasan Rahman Pena stated that an Iranian UCAV has been striking the bases of Eastern Kurdistan Komele forces in the region of Zirgiwê near Sulaymaniyah since early this morning.

As the intensified bombardment continues, information about the damage it caused is not yet available, said Hasan Rahman.

Another official from the Communist Union, Seyid Emani, stated that Iranian attacks targeted the base of Komeleya Zehmetkêşan three times, and the base of Komeleya Şoreşgerî ya Zehmetkêşan four times.

Komełey Şorrişgêrrî Zehmetkêşanî Kurdistanî Êran, Komele in short, was founded in late 1960’s. A splitting group established a new organization named Komeleya Zehmetkêşên Kurdistana Îranê in 2007.

Drone strikes by Iran also targeted the base of the Democratic Kurdistan Party (Hizba Demokrat a Kurdistanê) in Koyê.

The regions of Bradost and Balekayeti have been under uninterrupted bombardment for five days now. Intensified attacks on Tuesday night mainly targeted the areas of Berbizinan, Nav Rubaran and Seqer in Bradost.

The locations attacked by Iran house local people from Bradost. Civilian settlements were directly affected by the aggression. The lives of the local people, who live on farming, are in jeopardy due to the increasingly ongoing bombardment. Several families are reported to have abandoned their homes.

The vicinity of the Mawat town near Sulaymaniyah was also targeted by heavy shelling on Wednesday.

20 artillery shells landed in the surroundings of the Jajle and Giwêzel villages.

While attacks continue, information on possible casualties was not immediately available.