Iranian state forces torture Kurdish singer who performed at Newroz

Kurdish singer Hasan Kakeyî was detained by Iranian state forces because of the national anthem he sang at the Newroz celebration in Bokan. According to the local media, Kakeyî was severely tortured during a house raid.


According to reports in Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhilat) media, Iranian state forces raided the house of singer Hasan Kakeyî last night on the grounds that he sang a Kurdish national anthem during the Newroz celebration in Bokan city. The 64-year-old singer was investigated by the Iranian state forces and severely tortured during detention. Kakeyî was reportedly released from detention.

On the other hand, Simko Nasrullah, a Kurd who was part of the preparatory committee of the Newroz event in Bokan, was detained by Iranian regime forces yesterday. No information is yet available about the fate of the Kurdish citizen.