Iraq imposes gasoline and diesel embargo on Shengal

The Iraqi government is imposing a gas and diesel embargo on Shengal through its intelligence service.

The invading Turkish state, the KDP and Iraq are using various tools and methods to depopulate the Yazidi town of Shengal (Sinjar) in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.  Apart from the attacks, prevention of the return of refugees, and threats continue. Most recently, a gasoline embargo has been imposed on Shengal. After a decision taken by the Iraqi intelligence and the National Security, the sale of diesel, gasoline and gas to Shengal was banned.

There has been a gasoline, diesel and gas crisis in Shengal since the beginning of last summer. The Iraqi government has been implementing an oil embargo on Shengal with the help of the intelligence service. All private gas stations in Shengal have been closed. Suppliers have been threatened not to sell diesel, petrol and gas to Shengal. The Iraqi authorities are attempting to force the town’s residents to migrate and to evacuate the city. However, despite all the obstacles, pressures and embargoes, Shengal municipalities continue to provide public services. They are using generators, water tanks and ambulances to combat the embargoes.

Shengal Municipality Member Berekat Kasım spoke to Rojnews about the oil embargo.

Kasım said that municipal vehicles do not work when there is a lack of diesel and petrol, which also causes water tanks to stop functioning. “Sometimes garbage cannot be collected on the streets because the municipal vehicles are not working, which is a threat to public health. Our work is blocked due to the embargo imposed on us. We call on the Iraqi government to lift this embargo against Shengal,” he stated.

The generator manager of the neighbourhood, Kuti Şengali from Xanesor (Khanasor), called on the Iraqi government to lift the embargo. “The intelligence said that they have decided not to supply gasoline to us. This gasoline embargo affects us negatively. Despite all threats, we will continue our work,” he said.