Iraqi Parliamentarian calls for unity against “barbaric” Turkish attacks

Iraqi Parliamentarian Kurde Ömer described the Turkish attacks as "barbaric" and called for unity in the Iraqi parliament against the Turkish aggression. “There is no excuse for the Turkish state to set foot and drop bombs across the region,” Ömer said.

After the invading Turkish state suffered a huge defeat in the face of the guerrilla resistance in the mountains of Kurdistan, it started to massacre political refugees through its agents and traitors and bomb the cities of South Kurdistan.

Iraqi Parliamentarian Kurde Ömer spoke to Rojnews media outlet about the increasingly ongoing genocidal attacks of the Turkish state in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

“Attacking the Kurdistan Region and killing civilians is a barbaric act. We condemn these barbaric acts of Turkey. Neighbouring countries should respect the territory of the Kurdistan Region and the sovereignty of Iraq,” the Iraqi lawmaker said.

Ömer insisted that there should be unity against the Turkish bombings and massacre of civilians.

“There is no excuse for the Turkish state to kill civilians in bombings in Germiyan, Axceler and elsewhere. I hope we can reach a compromise in the Iraqi parliament against these attacks in the new term. We condemn these barbarian acts. There must be a limit to these attacks,” the Iraqi lawmaker added.