Journalist Deniz Fırat remembered by her grave in Van

Journalist Deniz Fırat, who lost her life in an attack by ISIS in Makhmur, was remembered by her grave in Van.

Mesopotamia Women Journalists’ Platform (MKGP) member Deniz Fırat, who lost her life in an attack carried out by ISIS in Makhmur refugee camp on 8 August 2014, was remembered in Çaldıran district of Van, where she is buried.

The ceremony was attended by HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Van Provincial co-chair Yadişen Karabulak, DBP (Democratic Regions Party) Van Provincial co-chair Ayla Tarhan,  HDP Van deputy Muazzez Orhan, Edremit Municipality co-chair Rojbin Çetin, HDP Çaldıran executives and members of the free press.

Speaking here, Jinnews journalist Zelal Tunç said: "Women journalists will fight against the male mentality wherever it is; we will continue to work for truth. We promise Deniz to carry on with our cameras and pens, the legacy Deniz left to us".

Free Journalists Initiative spokesperson Hakki Botan said: "Like Deniz, Gurbetelli Ersoz, Musa Anter did not put down their pen, so today there are hundreds of free press workers who have picked up those pens and continue their struggle. We thank and remember once again our friend Deniz, who lost her life while exposing the violence of the ISIS mercenaries".

HDP Van deputy Muazzez Orhan told the life story of Deniz Fırat, which began in Makmmur and was intertwined with the destiny of her people.

Recalling that the life of Deniz Firat continued from Van to Makhmur with courage, determination and struggle for freedom, Orhan said: "In her short life, Deniz left us a legacy of struggle and courage."

Finally, Fırat’s elder brother Seyat Yildiztan said that Deniz was a martyr not just for the Fırat family but for the whole Kurdish people and that after she had lost her life, three of her siblings followed her path in journalism.